Johnny Manziel Almost Punched A Guy

By Matt November 25, 2014 @ 6:33 AM


Johnny Manziel may or may not have punched a dude who was bothering him in the building he lives in. Some convicted felon and all around scumbag named Chris Gonos approached Manziel and asked him for a hug near the elevator while probably definitely not sober. At that point shit got weird and Manziel’s roommate punched the guy. Gonos says Manziel punched someone in his group but I don’t trust guys named Gonos. The most interesting part of this story is that Manziel has a roommate who no doubt sleeps in earmuffs as Manziel loudly slaps skins with every skank in Cleveland proper thrice nightly. If you’re sleeping in bunks and being paid by the NFL you may want to fire your agent. Manziel is not named as a suspect in the police report. Odds he bumps into Gonos and the two clear the air over an arm wrestling match and a few lines of blow in a Cleveland bathroom stall at some point remain high.

Photo Credit: Twitter 

Johnny Football Got the Bieber Taint

By Lex July 01, 2014 @ 6:21 PM


The Cleveland Browns are fucked by forces not explained by the natural sciences. Seeing the salvation of your franchise hanging with Justin Bieber while the cops are banging on the door must feel like Hades is stirring the pot once more. Party face with Bieber is like bobbing for apples in a barrel full of herpes, there’s no way to weave that into a crazy Saturday night story without people no longer wanting to be your friend. I bet that guy in the Browns organization who said he didn’t care what Johnny Manziel did off the field wasn’t picturing him called ‘My boy” by Bieber on social media. Manziel’s been touched by the devil. Burn the body. Find Kosar.