Johnny Manziel Charging Fifty Bucks For Selfies

Ronda Rousey claiming "rock bottom" is laughable when simply reading the next sports news headline. Johnny Manziel has been booked by sports merchandise store in the Houston area to sell autographs and take paid selfies at two of their area mall store locations. read more

Johnny Manziel Still Not Broke Somehow

Some awesome friend of Johnny Manziel posted a SnapChat of him pounding Fireball at 8 am in Miami for his 24th birthday but don't be fooled, Manziel does this shit everyday. So would most people if not for the dreaded hangovers, massive anxiety attacks, and in this case... read more

Johnny Manziel More Bad Advice

Johnny Manziel is apparently reenrolling at the University of Texas to finish his bullshit degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences. The entire point of having a fake major is that you don't study for it. read more

Johnny Manziel's Got It All Figured Out

Johnny Manziel has been wandering Cabo in a Browns jersey and a bandana which reads "Fucked Up" which is exactly what Keanu Reeves would do in a movie before getting his act together. Unfortunately that is not Manziel's fate, not attractive enough. read more

Johnny Manziel Finds New Rock Bottom

We're going to feel bad for laughing about Johnny Manziel when he's dead in six months but in the meantime we should make hay while the sun is shining. His attorney in his hit-and-run case just accidentally texted the entire Associated Press that Manziel is unable to... read more

Johnny Manziel Served

Life isn't looking up when you're being served with court papers outside a nightclub at two am and even TMZ can't figure out which of three pending legal cases is summoning you. read more

Johnny Manziel Seems Playful (VIDEO)

Friends of Johnny Manziel became concerned when the former NFL quarterback didn't arrive in The Hamptons to host a scheduled party. Especially concerned as to who was going to put down their credit card to get the party started in the drunk dipshit's absence. These are... read more

Johnny Manziel Keith Moon Status

Johnny Manziel will either be dead in six years or become a born again Christian on the 7-Eleven parking lot lecture circuit. He reportedly was at a family function and then disappeared via helicopter only to be spotted blacked out in a bar hours later smelling of... read more

Johnny Manziel Hard to Kill

Johnny Manziel has been a famous drunk for so long now it's hard to imagine he's only twenty-three. He has a solid ten years before he's at the Lamar Odom brothel cashing out his life stakes for pussy and death mints. Since being cut by the Browns, akin to being dumped... read more

Johnny Manziel Pink Slipped

The Cleveland Browns released Johnny Manziel after carefully considering the impact of their franchise making a good decision. Manziel was released because he was an immature out-of-control drunk who used his status as a highly touted prospect to fuck tons of women and... read more

Johnny Manziel Pours Heavy

Johnny Manziel was so incredibly not arrested. A distinction his remaining representatives and family counting on his NFL contract insist you note. He's merely being investigated again for getting soused and punching his girlfriend. It was a Saturday night. Maybe a... read more

Johnny Manziel Goes To Rehab

It's possible to hold down a barrister job or even be a Lyft driver as a functioning alcoholic. Not so much as an NFL quarterback in the digital media era. Johnny Manziel has finally entered rehab before his liver falls out of his body. His spokesman who laughs at all... read more