Two Boring Forgettable People Divorce

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have called it quits after eight years of marriage. The union never really seemed like it would work. And, it didn't. Fergie is best known for playing the titular Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Duhamel is that guy who was in that thing. While... read more

Josh Duhamel Is One Happy Dad

There are two types of men in this world. The ones who love the shit out of every single breathing second of their first born baby. And then there's Josh Duhamel. Josh looks like he's going to take the comb and gouge out the eyes of the old woman whispering hush. Josh... read more

Josh Duhamel Looks Miserable

The last time I saw this face was on James Gandolfini a month before he passed. It's overwhelmed man face. Josh Duhamel has it going on in spades. Getting around with the ladies in Hollywood was no problem for this famed cocksman, but nurturing a blown up Fergie through... read more

Fergie Is Legally Changing Her Name To Fergie

Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy Ferguson is more commonly known to fans of really generic pop music as Fergie, while fewer people know her as Mrs. Josh Duhamel. But as she's set to soon give birth to the couple's first child, Fergie decided that after almost five years of... read more

Fergie is pregnant

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have been married since 2009, and started dating in 2004, which actually makes them one of the most normal couples in Hollywood. She was even cool enough to dress up as Lindsay Lohan for Halloween but skip the easy orange jumpsuit thing. So, other... read more

Josh Duhamel was kicked off a plane for acting like an ass

Josh Duhamel seems like a decent enough guy, but he's married to Fergie so clearly he has deep psychological problems. And apparently he's also a jackass who deosn't think the laws of society apply to him, because yesterday he was kicked off a plane because he refused to... read more

Fergie is really packin

Sometimes you'll see a picture with no context and it looks strange or funny but it's easy to guess what is really going on. This is very definitely not one of those times. Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel went to a Dodgers game yesterday, and I can't even begin to... read more


Josh Duhamel is starring in "Transformers" which just made 246 million dollars worldwide in its first week of release and his girlfriend Fergie just played the main stage at Live Earth in London this weekend, so life must be perfect for these two, right?  Uhh…"Every night... read more


These pictures are actually pretty boring considering they start off with Josh pawing Fergies naked ass.  Unfortunately she still looks 50 from the neck up and she still looks kinda leathery and all she did was spin around and around in that chair all day.  I'm surprised... read more