Josie Canseco Gets Topless In Black And White And Shit Around The Web

Christmas comes early with these topless shots of Josie Canseco in black and white. If you imagine dad Jose Canseco is pissed, you simply are not thinking like Jose Canseco. read more

Josie Canseco Topless Snapchat

Snapchat is the new go-to for accidental nudity of women you have to hope are legal. There's a reason Snapchat is growing past Twitter and Instagram and it's heavily based in the ability of young women to show off their tits in slightly obscured, off-angled selfie video... read more

Josie Canseco Tip Top Up Top And Shit Around The Web

Josie Canseco shows off her titties at a basketball game. It's rumored later on she solved complex mathematical problems and discovered the role of Saudi Arabia in the rise of ISIL. Though nobody stuck around for that part. read more

Josie Canseco Doing Well

It was pretty big news when Jose Canseco's daughter got naked for Playboy, especially since Playboy no longer has nude photos and it turned out they were lying. It's an honor just to be tributed by men who still can't figure out how to cancel their subscriptions. read more

Josie Canseco Is Virtually Naked In Playboy And Shit Around The Web

Josie Canseco is the extreme hottie that somehow came out of Jose Canseco's ball sack. She did some sexy shots for Playboy. Not naked, because Playboy is lame now, but still sexy. read more

Josie Canseco Has Chosen

The nature versus nurture argument rages on in second generation celebrity and model kids choosing modeling over Starbuck's barista or mollyaddict as their career path. The benefit of going into modeling without actually needing the work is you get less Terry Richardson... read more

Bieber Might Be Porking Canseco's Daughter And Shit Around The Web

Lesbian troll doll Justin Bieber has been seen around town with Jose Canseco's model daughter Josie.Jose should consider a roid rage and beating the crap out of Bieber. Jury nullification seems more than likely. They make such a cute couple. (TMZ) Hannah Ferguson bikinis... read more

Jose Canseco's Daughter Old Enough for Him to Assault and Shit Around the Web

Josie Canseo is now eighteen. She can flee her father's home for a life of study and growth or dig in and turn her life over to self-aggrandizement and selling her body. If my prayers mean anything, she'll choose the latter. Josie Canseco likes to take pictures without... read more

Josie Canseco Good Wool

Jose Canseco's slowishdaughter Josie made a video for Sports Illustrated's Swim Daily, a sham website created to get chicks without an agentto provide free content under the guise of making the cut fortheir next Swimsuit Issue. There's a reason you never hear those... read more

Josie Canseco In Her Bikini On Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram [gallery ids="1759213,1759205,1759214,1759210,1759204,1759207,1759215,1759216,1759209,1759202,1759203,1759206,1759208,1759211,1759212"] read more

Josie Canseco In A Bikini With Friends On The Beach

It seems like a good gig being a celebrity teen daughter, modeling bikinis instead of boring shit like school and stocking shelves at the Forever 21. I guess the tradeoff is having a roided out rapey dad. Being Josie Canseco still seems like a good life. You do peak... read more

What If Jose Canseco Was Your Dad? (VIDEO)

I'm always saying it's tough to be a celebrity kid, unless you're hot. I guess Josie Canseco falls into this category. Though an aspiring model, she's still like just sixteen or something. Imagine having your friends over to hang by the pool and there's rapey steroid dad... read more