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Lottery Winner Robbed and Killed, No Way To See That Coming

God gave you everything he's going to give you. Check your bank balance. That's what the tools you've got have brought you. If you were meant to have half a million more dollars, you'd have been born with the skills to dominate at Pai Gow or invented a candy or doughnutthemed app that fat women play all day. Having half a million in cash dropped in your lap for no good reason offends the higher power. The State more

Freddie Prinze Jr Angry At Life

Freddie Prinze Jr talked a ton of shit about Kiefer Sutherland at Comic Con because the only other way to make headlines is vehicular homicide. Prinze apparently did not enjoy working with Kiefer on 24, and has since bombed every subsequent audition in a form of silent protest. "[Sutherland was the] Most unprofessional dude in the world... I did 24 and itwas terrible. I hated every moment of it. I just wanted to more