Mama June Seems Like a Shitty Mom

Mama June Shannon revealed on her show From Not to Hot that her real life and TV ex-boyfriend Sugar Bear used to beat her kids. Previously shot basic cable footage seems like an inappropriate venue to get that information out. As compared to say, a police station.  read more

Mama June Reveals Weight Loss

Mama June Shannon revealed her massive weight loss on From Not to Hot. She used to weigh 460 pounds. Correcting a severe failure is not an accomplishment. It's like bragging that you're no longer an abusive alcoholic. Your kids probably care. read more

Mama June Fudges Her Fatness

Mama June got gastric bypass surgery sometime back, which means she should in no way be able to take credit for losing weight. They make your stomach smaller. You can't physically eat as much. It would be like a Syrian refugee taking credit for getting a revenge bod. The... read more

Honey Boo Boo's Mom Flaunts It Because She Has It

Between Duck Dynasty, Hoarders and Teen Mom, there are plenty of shows on TV that embrace the charm and schadenfreude of America's greatest white trash families, but none of them has held a candle to the Shannon/Thompson family of TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The... read more