Tuesday morning headlines

JJ ABRAMS - has a new top secret movie project at Paramount, called Zanbato for now, with Japanese history and robotics as the major themes. One source described it as, "Swashbuckling robots with swords." Cool. So how long until someone points out that robots are made of sword-proof metal. (deadline) KANYE WEST - closed out Coachella Sunday night, and "delivered a grandiose, theatrical performance destined to be...read more

Kanye West wants his n-words to strapup

Kanye West went on his twitter last night to spread the world about how gold diggin bitches be getting pregnant on purpose, and how an abortion can cost up to 100gs. I guess he means paying the girl to get an abortion, because actual abortions don't cost anywhere near that. And they would be damn near free if the girl demanded $100,000, because you should just punch her in the stomach. What's a mop cost, like 5...read more

Tuesday morning headlines

GWYNETH PALTROW - suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her son Moses in 2006. "I just thought it meant I was a terrible mother and a terrible person." And fat, Gwyneth, let's not forget about fat. (people) SANDRA BULLOCK AND RYAN REYNOLDS - spent New Years Eve together in Austin. And then he gave it to her in the ass. Maybe. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't read the whole thing. (people) BEN AFFLECK -...read more

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, and Kanye West is the father

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have never officially dated, but they have been friends for a long time, and that's why Kanye filmed some scenes for her TV show in October (pics above and below). And so how did Kim show her gratitude? Umm, well. Media Take Out says... (We) spoke with a person VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian this morning. And according to them, Kim is PREGNANT!! "Kim has been seeing Kanye off and on for...read more

so does Kanye West have diamond teef or not?

On Tuesday, Kanye West told Ellen DeGeneres that the new gold and diamonds in his mouth weren't simply laid on top of his real teeth, but they were his real teeth, because he had the old ones taken out and replaced with lavish jewels. Does he look like an idiot? Of course he does, but I included the video just in case you had any lingering doubts. Now here's the big question: did he really replace his teeth with...read more

Taylor Swift was scared of Kanye at the VMAs

When someone has a conversation interrupted by stranger who later apologizes several times, the survivor typically goes on to lead a normal life. But others are so haunted by the event, they must confront their attacker musically. And so last night at the 2010 VMA's, with Kanye West in the audience, Taylor Swift sang a song about the 2009 VMA's, when Kanye crashed the stage as she accepted an award. Can this...read more

kanye is a law abiding citizen

It's hard to find any record of it ever happening when it was allegedly happening, but apparently Kanye West completed 50 hours of community service and took an anger management course at some point, which fulfills the obligations of his sentence after the above incident in 2008, when he assaulted a photographer without provocation and smashed his camera, then bragged about it while taunting his victim and warning him...read more

telethons dont care about kanye people

The last time Kanye West was involved with a telethon after a natural disaster, it went just great, and yet he's reportedly been banned from the telethon currently being organized by George Clooney to raise money for the warlords who are gonna steal it the good people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. PopEater says... "After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music...read more

the top 100 stories of 2009 (51-100)

All the dumb websites and magazines and TV shows do lists at the end of the year, counting down and ranking everything you can imagine, and they're all subjective and poorly thought out and painful to read. But nothing else is going on this time of year, and so here we go. 100. JASMINE FIORE WAS MURDERED - by her husband, who was a contestant on the VH1 show 'Megan Wants a Millionaire'. He pulled out her teeth, cut...read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

TAYLOR SWIFT AND KANYE WEST - are an awesome costume that I bet more people wish they had thought of. And yes we were supposed to be done with Halloween pictures but I didn't count on finding this one. Or this one of a ridiculously hot girl dressed as a Playboy bunny. Know what else I didn't count on? Falling in love. (college humor) RIHANNA - says she was humiliated when the picture of her with cuts and bruises on...read more

morning headlines

LADY GAGA - is defending Kanye Wests behavior at the VMAs. "He's a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f****** bad. He really does. Everyone likes to focus on gossip, but he's changed music and he's really prolific and an incredible person, and I think it's unfair to judge somebody on one mistake they've made." This should help change your opinion about Kanye, from now until the moment you read the...read more

kanye may be going to rehab

There are rumors that Kanye West may be headed to rehab (the treatment enter, not the Hard Rock pool bar), mostly because of the pictures showing him killing a bottle of Hennessey just before he rather politely interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Star magazine and other publications are reporting that West is blaming alcohol for his breach in decorum, and that as soon as West wraps his "Fame Kills" tour with Lady...read more

taylor just wants to move on

After her appearance on ‘the View' yesterday, Kanye West was able to get Taylor Swift on the phone and personally apologize for interrupting her onstage at the VMAs. And not that she was dwelling on it all that much to begin with, but now she wants to extra-not dwell on it all that much. Fox says... "I think my overall thought process went something like, 'Wow, I can't believe I won. This is awesome. Don't trip and...read more

the President calls Kanye a jackass

Most Democrats these days are socialist pussies who are offended by everything and their solution to anything entertaining is to fuss over it like some kind of woman and then add a tax, and President Obama may be all or none of those things for all I know, but at least he's from earth. At least he can talk like a human being. The Kanye thing is getting overblown but until Science gets off their ass and figures out a...read more

Kanye really is sorry

Kanye West honored his commitment and appeared on the premier of the Jay Leno show last night, but before performing with Rihanna and JayZ he sat down and HOLY SHIT someone take away this dudes belts and shoelaces before he kills himself. I think its safe to say he really is sorry about crashing Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Yeah, it's been extremely difficult. I just — just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or...read more