Karissa and Kristina Shannon Make It Another Year

By Lex October 03, 2014 @ 1:45 PM

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Wear Sheer Dresses While Celebrating Their Birthday In Hollywood
Before it was truly fashionable, the Shannon sisters were flashing their tits and loving important men long time in Hollywood. I think one of them is now doing that for women too, so consider them multi-versatile. They’re only 25 so I’m not sure how it seems like they arrived a century ago. Man, they look fucking old. Precisely what I’m talking about. Celebrity whore years are like Presidential years. They will age you like nothing else. You see those before and after photos of U.S. presidents from inauguration to last day in office and it’s remarkable. If you looked at the Shannon sisters vaginas you might just see the same patchy receding gray hair lines and bags. Of course, that will run you ten bucks. So maybe just one of you look and tell the rest of us what you saw.

Photo Credit: Instagram,PacificCoastNews

Karissa Shannon Is Valentine’s

By Lex February 12, 2014 @ 2:45 PM

Karissa Shannon In Valentine Lingerie For A Photo Shoot In Los Angeles
I can’t remember which Shannon sister is the fake lesbian and which one made a sex tape with the dude from Smallville who got busted with twenty boxes of Oxy in his trunk. The best part is, it doesn’t matter. Identical twin fame whore sisters totally let you get away with mixing each other up. They often do that shit like in movies where they pretend to be the other and sleep with the boss or the gardner or the paid client that evening in from Denver. This could very well be Kristina Shannon. Even a DNA test on that drop cloth couldn’t tell the difference. They’re genetically identical, right down to the chlamydia variant.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

The Shannon Twins In Bikinis

By Lex July 05, 2013 @ 12:40 PM

The Shannon Twins Modeling Bikinis For A Poolside Photoshoot In Beverly Hills
I hate when you run into twins you’ve met several times and you still can’t tell which one is which. At some point they figure out you don’t know who is who and they bust you like you’re some outrageously impolite bastard. Yeah, it’s that, or, you two fucking zygotes look exactly the same. Don’t give me that crap about how one of you has the slightly more narrow nose. You’re a novelty act. I can’t tell the Shannon Twins apart. I know one digs chicks and the other one was engaged to Pete from Smallville who went to jail for having a trunk full of Oxy. Different stories, but they’re asses still look identical.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Thursday afternoon headlines

By brendon March 17, 2011 @ 4:32 PM


DARREN ARONOFSKY – will no longer direct the Wolverine sequel, stating that it would keep him in Japan for over a year, and he didn’t want to be apart from his family for that long. Also Japan glows in the dark now. (e.w.)

THE X FACTOR – has found their first judge to join Simon Cowell, and its LA Reid, arguably the most powerful man in music. While chairmen of Island Def Jam Records (he resigned today to take this and move to Sony) he signed Rihanna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and The Killers, among others. The only way the third judge could be more respected is if they got Yoda. (huff post)

COURTNEY LOVE – considered snorting Kurt Cobains ashes. She should just shit on them, since that’s what she’s doing figuratively anyway. (p.e.)

KARISSA SHANNON – is always up for some attention whoring, and St. Patricks Day is no exception, so she went to Malibu in a green bikini. Maybe for Easter she could wear a white bikini and come out of a cave. (pcn)

this is how Karissa Shannon changes a tire

By brendon February 17, 2011 @ 2:38 PM


Karissa Shannon and her drug dealer boyfriend Sam Jones got a flat tire yesterday, and to make matters worse, it was raining too. So to make sure her shirt didn’t get wet, Karissa took it off and changed the tire in her bra.

The bad news is that these might be the laziest staged photos we’ve ever seen.

The good news is that these two almost certainly died about a mile after getting back into the car because I question how much torque she’s getting on that wrench while standing 3 feet away and bent over with her legs straight, or while pushing her tits together. I’m no mechanic but that really doesn’t look right.

(image source = pacific coast)

Friday afternoon headlines

By brendon August 27, 2010 @ 5:14 PM


HALLE BERRY – broke up with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry back in April after dating for 4 years, but they looked like the perfect family yesterday in London with their daughter. It’s nice to see two beautiful millionaires finally catch a break. (daily mail)

KARISSA SHANNON – confirms that she made a lesbian sex tape with Heidi Montag, and that Heidis husband stole it, but says she never wanted or expected anyone to see it. So the root of the problem appears to be that she doesn’t understand what cameras do. (radar)

LINDSAY LOHAN – wants Lou Taylor and Larry Rudolph, who managed the comeback of Britney Spears, to do the same for her. If step 1 was to wear a see-thru shirt and show off her tits, mission accomplished. (ny post)