Suge Knight And Katt Williams Partners In Crime

By Matt October 31, 2014 @ 8:08 AM


Suge Knight and Katt Williams stole a female paparazzi’s camera in Beverly Hills because they are working on their Guinness Record rap sheet stats. It seems like taking a camera when it’s pointed in your face by a chick in recovery should have a legal exemption. Not the case, it’s still stealing. Knight was arrested in Vegas while Williams was arrested in court where he was already appearing for a separate charge and put into a special room for people they don’t know what to do with.

At this point it seems Knight wants to visit prison to order more gang hits and Williams is seeking arrest to garner material about how oppressed he is. When the two of them are together don’t make any plans. Knight hasn’t gone hours without a probable felony since he was kicked out of kindergarten for smuggling. Couple that with a crackhead who lacks impulse control and this is what happens. The photographer now lives in fear for her life:

“The thing I’m concerned about is my private information, because Suge Knight’s a dangerous person. Suge Knight’s a dangerous guy.”

Why? Because he likes to hang people out of windows and you can’t put him down him with earthly bullets? In that case you may want to avoid stalking him and harassing him with your janky pap antics. Alec Baldwin might call you a dyke faggot cunt but Suge Knight will have your legs broken along with the barista who over-foamed his latte earlier. Honestly, you’re probably already dead. I’d come to terms now with the irony of being a paparazzi who worries about an invasion of her privacy. Jesus is going to want to hear this one.

Katt Williams arrested after slapping a Target employee

By brendon December 03, 2012 @ 3:15 PM

Katt Williams was arrested last night in Seattle after threatening police with a pool cue during a bar fight and throwing cigarettes at a women as she got into her car (one of which hit her in the eye). This is just a few days after police had to chase him as he drove against traffic on a three-wheeler and slapped an employee (a plain clothes security guy by the looks of it) at Target.

Of course, I expect nothing less from, well, you know, “those” people. And by that I mean comedians.