so apparently these two aren’t broken up after all

By brendon October 15, 2012 @ 1:58 PM


A little of Katy Perry goes a long way, so maybe that’s why no one can figure out if she and John Mayer are dating. They’ll go out a few times, then reportedly end it, then start right back up. This has been going on since July. They’re supposed to be broken up again now, and yet here they are in New York last night having dinner.

It’s almost like Mayer is just breaking up with her to avoid the week she’s on her period. If so that would make him a real jerk for thinking of that before I did.

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Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up

By brendon August 24, 2012 @ 2:09 PM


The great love of our time, the romance between Katy Perry and John Mayer, has come to an end according to People. As in the magazine, not just a crowd.

The pair seemed like a good match, according to a source who saw them together this month.
“They almost acted like they’ve been a couple for a long time. It definitely didn’t seem like a new relationship.”

“Yeah it was great, they had sex once a month and she’d yell at ‘for flirting with that girl at the restaurant’ who was actually the waitress and he was ordering. It was such a good sign for the future, amazing that it fell apart.”

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Katy Perry lost her bikini, everyone saw her naked ass

By brendon August 13, 2012 @ 11:08 AM


The crowd who gathered to watch Katy Perry on a slide at Raging Waters in San Dimas (where the high school football rules) was rewarded for their lack of anything better to do when the water whipped her bikini bottom down. The lifeguard quickly remembered that he was gay and tried to block her but it was too late, and everyone had already seen her big square ass. STOP PLAYING GOD, BUDDY!

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Katy Perry is having sex with John Mayer

By brendon August 08, 2012 @ 7:13 AM


Though they haven’t gone out together again in public since last week, E! says that Katy Perry and John Mayer have been spending lots of time at his house in the Hollywood Hills. But wait, does that include overnight stays?

And yes, that includes overnight stays.
“She has been having sleepovers there,” says a source. “It is very private and they’ve been sneaking in and out. It has been going on for a while.”

Wait what? Why? Does he live with his parents? Or is dating John Mayer just that embarrassing? If I were her I’d wear a mask and gloves and paint his windows black too.

you better hang your head in shame Katy Perry

By brendon August 02, 2012 @ 11:23 AM


Last week it was mentioned on here that Katy Perry was maybe dating John Mayer now, and this week it’s being mentioned again because they were at Chateau Marmont together last night. Meaning it might actually be true.

And she certainly looks proud to be seen with him. Between the divorce and now this, she’s plunging into a shame spiral; Tommy Lee can’t be far behind. Which is awesome. Girls like this are great. It’s a good way to get girls who would normally be out of your league. You just have to be patient, like a sniper who see’s a bush rustle or a lion watching a limping gazelle.

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oh hi Katy Perry

By brendon July 31, 2012 @ 2:16 PM


Katy Perry was in Rio last night, standing a little too close to a glass balcony while the crowd (presumably) yelled SHOW YOUR TITS in Portuguese. Unfortunately Katy is either stuck up or doesn’t speak Portuguese, and all we have are these upskirt pictures. As you can see, it turns out she shaves down there, but needs to go a tanning bed naked. It’s really pale. Or are those her panties? Ok never mind.

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