Kendra Wilkinson Is a Baller

By Lex March 25, 2013 @ 3:54 PM

There are only two reasons for a girl to actually know how to play softball. She’s a carpet muncher who likes to wear her hair in ponytails. Or she’s an actually coordinated athlete. I’d hate to have to give any props to Kendra Wilkinson, but she’s deep-dived way to much man meat in her life to ever fall into the former category. And watching her play softball each weekend, she actually watches the ball into her glove, throws with more than just her elbow, and steps into pitches. All while her former NFL husband Hank holds her purse in he dugout. Shit, I just had a kind thing to say about stripper Kendra Wilkinson. It’ll pass soon enough.

Photo credit: PCN

When Kendra Bends Over, She Wins

By Bill March 11, 2013 @ 4:50 PM

Here’s how you know Kendra Wilkinson is serious. She’s wearing some kind of rubber outfit. She’s bentover. And her husband Hank is off to the side holding her purse and cellphone. It’s a sure sign the girls in it to win it, whether that be a round of French maid cosplay for some mid-level rollers in a downtown Vegas suite, or taking the title of least worst celebrity diver in the upcoming show Splash. I’d put my money on Kendra. Literally. She’ll do shit for that.

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Splash Part 2: Kendra Drops a Deuce

By Johnny Redd March 07, 2013 @ 2:55 PM

But not like the old days when she took a dump for tips in a circle of sweaty fetish monkeys in frat house basements. This time Kendra Wilkinson took her will-squat-for-cash routine to the set of Splash, where she’s fired up about another great career adventure, following stripping, amateur porn, topless reality TV, and, naturally, writing self-help books for young wives and mothers.

Splash might just be horrible, but it can be fixed with just one word — sharks.

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ABC’s Splash Looks Pretty Good

By Travis March 07, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

The fact that there are not one but TWO celebrity diving shows on American television says pretty much everything you need to know about why people are so stupid lately. First, FOX aired Stars in Danger: The High Dive back in January, and it featured losers like JWOWW and Terrell Owens belly-flopping into swimming pools. And soon ABC will unveil its own series, Splash, which began filming last month.

ABC doubled down with the female sex appeal, as Splash will feature Miss Alabama USA and Brent Musberger wet dream Katherine Webb (above) and Playboy Playmate and girl who used to have sex with a really old man, Kendra Wilkinson. But those two can’t hold a candle to the best set of tits on the entire show…

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Guys Who Say Girls Don’t Need Makeup Have Never Woken Up Next to Morning Shift Stripper

By Johnny Redd February 25, 2013 @ 4:35 PM

Kendra Wilkinson by day and by night.

Busy beaver be the former stripper turned into mom-friendly book writer, appearing by day at a practice session for what certainly must be the most idiotic television program in the long annals of such media, Splash, one of ten or fifteen new celebrity diving shows appearing on network television shortly because some dumbass in a focus group said it sounded like something they’s want to watch. I’m looking at you liquid detergent buying middle-aged housewife from Bakersfield, CA where such matters are put to science.

And Kendra by night, hitting the town during Oscar weekend to remind people that they used to pay her to get naked and she was usually worth a decent tip. She does still put on quite the public show when she’s working it, old-pro style. This is the girl Hef hired to fluff; I don’t think he would have hired diving board wet and scared Kendra, well, maybe if she had a dick.

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Celebrity Wife Swap: Kendra Wilkinson vs Kate Gosselin

By brendon February 14, 2013 @ 4:30 PM


Here’s everything you need to know about what a mean desperate fame whore Kate Gosselin is: she and Kendra Wilkinson are going on a show called ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’. That title promises three things, and Kate can’t deliver on any of them. She’s not famous, not married, and is “swapping” her 8 unsupervised kids and debt for a week in Kendras NFL mansion. says…

ABC announced Wednesday that Gosselin, 37, and Wilkinson, 27, will be the first stars to appear on the new season of the reality series on Feb. 26. On Celebrity Wife Swap, stars switch lifestyles, children and homes for one week to experience another celebrity’s life.
Gosselin will get to stay with Wilkinson’s husband, former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, and their son Hank, 3, while Wilkinson will become a single mother of eight kids whom Gosselin shares with ex-husband Jon.

An even better idea for a show would be, instead of Kendra, find a big mean bear who just had babies, then blindfold Kate and set her down in the woods directly between the mom and her cubs. Talk about drama!

(image source = splash. and i know they’re a few years old but they’re here to prove a point, and that is that i really like kendras ass)