Kerry Rhodes Being Black Balled for Having Gay Balls

By Lex September 17, 2013 @ 5:34 PM

Everybody and their brother is coming out of the closet these days. Even bandwagon straight dudes are talking about digging the cock, just like they used to love the Yankees and spinning class. But it looks like the NFL isn’t exactly clamoring to get their hands on gay football players. Or, Since Kerry Rhodes isn’t out of the closet, dudes who like to vacation with gay dudes who claim they’re getting busy with you between the sheets. Kerry Rhodes was ranked fourth best safety in the league in 2012 and he’s still sitting without a job for 2013 since his gay thing popped. He’s the only similarly top ranked player who remains unsigned. ¬†Either the NFL hates gay players or they hate dudes who drink cocktails out of carved out pineapples. Only one of these is acceptable.

Kerry Rhodes Isn’t Gay, He’s Kim Kardashian’s Baby Daddy!

By Lex June 18, 2013 @ 12:46 PM

Kerry Rhodes, the infamously rumored gay NFL star, outed by his own boyfriend in a video on this very site, now is telling his buddies via text that he might be the Kim’s baby daddy as he was nailing the Kardashian nine months ago around the same dates that Kanye was.

Man this could be my baby!! I was fu**ing her the same time as K.West was lol!!!

While any sane person is willing to believe that Kim could have been banging multiple men on any given day of her life since sixteen or so, and pro athletes do fall right into her wheelhouse, meh, coming from a guy desperate to hide his gay, this seems like a real shot in the dark. That ‘lol’ at the end is perhaps the best closing argument on his big gay verdict. Not that it matters. Unless you’re claiming your boned a baby into the world’s most famous new mother.

Russell ‘Hollywood’ Simpson Says ‘Sex Was Great!’ With NFL Star Kerry Rhodes (WWTDD Exclusive)

By Lex April 18, 2013 @ 4:34 PM

Yeah, I know, this story would be so much more awesome if this were a spurned ex-hot-girlfriend outing a hot LPGA golfer (not that the lesbian golfer story would elicit more than a murmur), but it’s not. It’s a spurned gay man outing Kerry Rhodes, an NFL star with whom he claims to have had an intensely personal and sexual relationship.

This guy Hollywood has been interviewed over the phone by a bunch of folks who danced around the big questions. I think the big sports outlets are just completely too freaked out to even ask the question. I figured why not just get this guy’s ass on Skype and ask him if he went balls-to-balls with the Arizona Cardinals safety. So, yeah, I did.

Obviously there’s no way to independently verify what went on behind closed doors between these two men. We do know they shared pineapple drinks. But, this is Hollywood and this is Hollywood’s story.

Kerry Rhodes Takes Gay Vacay Photos

By Lex April 11, 2013 @ 2:57 PM

Kerry Rhodes insists he’s not the first gay NFL player. Well, that he’s not the first outed gay NFL player, because according to Magic Johnson, who knows gay men in sports, there are a handful of gay men now playing in the NFL. Common sense tells you the same. Kerry’s denial comes on the heels of vacation photos of Kerry and a friend released today by You be the judge. Not that it matters.