Kesha Has Arrived

Kesha accused music producer Dr. Luke of raping her with the indisputable evidence of absolutely zilch. She's now the de facto victim twice over in the eyes of ideologue feminists and Taylor Swift for whom a tossed out rape case just means another man walks more

Kesha Dials Up a Rape Song (VIDEO)

Kesha tore up the Animal Rescue Gala over the weekend with an impassioned rape song. The Huffington Post declared Kesha's cover of the Lady Gaga campus sexual assault ditty, Till It Happens to You, so moving she surely she must've been raped by Dr. more

Grimes Propositioned

Grimes is a shitty nickname. Like a dwarf with scoliosis who sweeps the manor floors. Canadian singer Grimes' real name is Claire. But Claire is the kind of girl who likes frame stores and spying on her boyfriend's texts. As Grimes, you can authoritatively comment on the misogynistic state of the music industry. Asked about the Kesha and Dr. Luke case, Grimes claimed that particular situation is fairly more

Kesha Fights On, For Thee

Kesha revealed that she'd been offered out of her Sony contract if she would publicly state Dr. Luke never raped her. Kesha provide no proof that this offer was made, with whom she spoke, or why Sony would make such a deal considering they are winning on every legal front. The suddenly found defender of women's rights posted the claim to Instagram against a photo of her innocence naked in her bed. That's tantamount more

Kunta Kesha

Kesha and her lawyer are arguing that the judge's ruling to work with a producer not Dr. Luke but still under her contract at Sony is tantamount to keeping her in bondage. And not the good kind where Polish dudes crap on her face and leave twenties. "Although [the court] recognized that 'slavery was done away with a long time ago' and that 'you can't force someone to a situation in which they don't want more

Kelly Clarkson Wasn't Fond of Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson has joined the parade of women to publicly attack music producer, Dr. Luke. Unlike other recent detractors, Clarkson has worked with the controversial music producer.According to Clarkson, Dr. Luke is a dick. No shit. He's a Hollywood music producer. Quick, name the nicest one you know. Yep, he's in prison for running over children. His own. They liked Kraftwek. That's their fault. After calling more

Kesha Vacations

Kesha was recently photographed deplaning in Turks and Caicos for a vacation with her boyfriend. A bunch of people who have trouble thinking in color wondered how Kesha could move from reliving her suggested rapes at the hand of Dr. Luke to galavanting on a tropical beach vacation. Certainly once raped you would never want to lay out on the beach again. Throw yourself into the volcano before your brothers tire more

Kesha Wins for Losing

Kesha lost her battle in court to nullify her recording contract with music producer Dr. Luke. Kesha claims Dr. Luke drugged and sexually exploited her. Or what the industry refers to as a standard recording contract. That's why God invented heroin. Your music talent is negligible and replaceable. Nobody tried to roofie Aretha. The judge ruled against Kesha because she has no evidence of any crimes being committed more

Kesha Is Fucked And Shit Around The Web

Kesha, everyone's favorite dirty little prostitute, is in serious trouble. Her producer Dr. Luke has all her music but she's currently suing him for drugging and raping her. If she doesn't get it back soon she's going to be forgotten. She's going to need some serious lawyering to get her out of this. I wonder if the lawyer will take half-assed handjobs as payment? (Last Men On Earth) Hawaiian beauty Moira more

Kesha Laughs Off Ass Implant Rumors

Kesha mocked Radar Online for suggesting her ass seemed larger than normal when she performed at the LA Pride Festival, an event dedicated to proving homophobes correct. She re-posted the headline on her Instagram along with the comment: "OMG FAVORITE HEADLINE EVER!Haaaaaaaaaa yes I implanted rainbows in my ass." That I'd pay to see. Kesha is recovering from an eating disorder and what appears to be a bogus more

Kesha Dazed at Rehab

Ever since Vegas went to shit there's been an unwritten rule that the hotel pools have to have celebrity hosts on the big weekends. It's a draw for the cocaine sniffing junior Hollywood agents who spend Monday through Friday telling everybody where they're going to be on Saturday. For the casinos, it's a casting burden that leaves you rolling out the likes of Kesha baked out of her gourd and wearing more

Kesha Leggy Wearing A See Through Top Departs At LAX

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Kesha's Stories Not Adding Up

Kesha is suing music producer and alleged sex dungeon owner Dr Luke for forcing her to use drugs and sexually abusing her. Kesha wants to be let out of a contract she claims she signed with Dr. Luke in between the basement torture sessions. A deposition from an unrelated case in 2011 was released wherein Kesha discounts many of these same claims: "Q: Did Dr Luke ever give you a roofie? A: No. Q: Did you ever have more

Kesha Shows Off Her Cleavage On Instagram

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Kesha Sues Her Producer And Shit Around The Web

Kesha is suing her producer Dr. Luke alleging that he liked to drug and fondle her, specifically in that order. He also supposedly called her fat so often that she started taking the drugs herself before the fondling. I normally abhor jury duty, but I'd show up for this run. Read all about the Kesha being abused by her slimeball producer. (The Superficial) Zach Galifianakis no longer looks like fat Jesus. Now he' more