Kid Rock Skins Otters And Shit Around The Web

Kid Rock used to dip his wick in vegan PETA member Pam Anderson but now he flaunts an otter skin coat because he fucking can. This is America. We kill otters when we need to, we kill them when we don't. Fuck the otters. They'd do the same to us if they could. Read all about Kid Rock's subtle pro-dead things message. (TMZ) Miley Cyrus hates bras because Miley Cyrus. (Egotastic) Kim Kardashian wears a black doilie more

Kid Rock's Dildo Subpoenaed

Insane Clown Posse's record label is being sued by a former female employeeand the evidence in the case includes a glass dildo owned by Kid Rock.Andrea Pellegrini claims she was sexually harassed by some guy who worked at the label named Dirty Dan Diamond. Dirty Dan found out Andrea had broken up with her boyfriend so he gave her a glass dildo because that move has a tremendous success rate over time. When she more

Kid Rock Is a Saint

Kid Rock lowered his concert ticket prices to $20 for ten shows he's playing at the DTE Theater near absolutely nothing in Michigan. And, then that hometown saint ordered beer prices lowered at the venue as well. Some people are questioning whether or not Kid Rock is being charitable in his economy pricing, or if he simply has to drop prices given his lack of draw in 2013. But, fuck you for questioning his rock more

Kid Rock Thinks Justin Bieber Is The New Vanilla Ice (VIDEO)

Kid Rock appeared on the Howard Stern show earlier this week to talk about his new tour, and for some reason he decided to take a moment to comment on Justin Bieber's current career "trajectory", comparing the 19-year old to 90s rap embarrassment Vanilla Ice. As Stern correctly points out, the difference is that Vanilla Ice was a one-hit wonder, but Kid Rock took the insult a step further by saying that more

afternoon headlines

KID ROCK - gave a house to a soldier who lost his leg in Afghanistan. In a related story, Lindsay Lohan gave hepatitis to a guy with heroin from Afghanistan. (radar) WAYNE BRADY - has apologized for a joke he told about Jeffrey Ross and Trig Palin, who has Downs syndrome, at the Roseanne Barr Comedy Central Roast. "People hate you, especially Sarah Palin because you remind her of what Trig is going to look like more


One reason I think Brad Pitt is cool is because he used to go to Ultimate Fighting matches way back in the early days. And not because it was some media event in a fabulous casino, this was back when it wasn't even allowed in the continental US. They would be on some tropical island somewhere and then the camera would scan through the crowd and there would be Brad Pitt. The point to all this is that Brad and more


Tommy Lee and Kid Rock got into a shoving match last night at the MTV Video Awards. Both, of course, were married at one point to Pam Anderson, but it's not known what caused the confrontation. Access Hollywood says: "According to a source who witnessed the event, Tommy Lee was sitting with magician Criss Angel. The two went over to see Diddy who was sitting in close proximity to Kid Rock. At some point after more


Page Six says today that there was plenty of blame to go around in the break up of Pam Anderson and Kid Rock after only 4 months of marriage. Yesterday a source close to Pam said the split was prompted by Kids anger issues. Today, a source close to Kid says there was much more to it than that, including Pam’s non-stop partying, her stalling when it came time to sign a pre-nup and her mysterious "miscarriage". Page more


So what would force Pam Anderson to divorce Kid Rock after just three months of marriage? Borat, of course. Or at least Pam’s role in the Borat movie, which Kid saw for the first time when a private screening has held for Kid, Pam and some friends two weeks ago. A friend tells Page Six:"Bob (Kid Rock) started screaming at Pam, saying she had humiliated herself and telling her, 'You're nothing but a whore! You're more


Barely four months ago, Pamela Anderson said about her engagement to Kid Rock:"I'm finally getting remarried ... Well my miracle came and went. And came back and came back because he knew that I'd wake up one day and realize that I was waiting for nothing. I'm moving on ... I feel like I'm finally free ... I'm in love. I'm happy."Today, TMZ says:Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from husband Kid Rock. Anderson, more


US magazine says Pamela Anderson suffered a miscarriage late last week while working in Vancouver. Anderson, 39, is not believed to have been very far long with her third child, the first with new husband Kid Rock, 35. Us says:The source confirms that the actress did not go to the hospital to be treated, but instead had a doctor come to her to determine the miscarriage. The stress and the pressure of her more


Janet Jacksons new record is a failure. TMZ says "The CD debuted three weeks ago, selling 296,873 copies. The second week, sales plunged 74% to 77,240 units. The typical second week drop is 40%. (In the third week) sales dropped to 42,240 units, a 45% plunge from the second week. Janet's CD debuted at number two on the charts, dropped to number nine the second week and then went down to number 19 the third week." more