Kylie And Kendall Jenner In Bikinis On An Elephant

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Kim Kardashian's Dress Deserves a Prize

I don't know how you design a dress that is both see-through, and at the same time can secrete forty pounds of excess gunt. Whoever made Kim Kardashian's dress for the superbly boring Seth Meyer's show appearance deserves some kind of science award. Maybe one of those... read more

North West Pisses on Kanye

Kim Kardashian revealed to Seth Myers that baby North West pissed all over Kanye West during their infamous Vogue shoot. It seems that the unibrowed womb troll decided to use Kanye's chest as a diaper while they were taking a family shot on a couch. North is naked in the... read more

Kim Kardashian Receives 10 Burger Kings As Wedding Tribute

When you hear that heavyset Kim Kardashian is being tributed, you might typically think of groups of sweaty fat men masturbating furiously onto her new Vogue cover photo. But, no, this one involves food. According to MSN, Kanye has decided to purchase his zoftig bride to... read more

Kim's And Kanye's Rep Claims They're Not Greedy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently suing YouTube founder Chad Hurley because they believe that since their engagement video was leaked online, they lost out on a lot of money that they could have received from selling it, like all truly loving couples do. Chad... read more

Kim Kardashian Gets Her Vogue Cover

Vogue not so fetching editor Anna Wintour pretends to be the immovable object, but she isn't. She's just a creepy looking neighbor lady with a bad haircut who you discover wasn't just selling Mary Kay out of her the back of her Kia. Kim Kardashian greatly wanted her... read more

Kanye Plans To Serenade Kim's Ass

Kanye West announced he has a new song in the works just for his fair bride at their Big French Wedding in May. The working title is (Tap That) Sugar Bear Bitch or something similarly romantic. Just imagine Yeezus laying down righteous lyrics while Kris Jenner directs... read more

Kim Kardashian's Ass Approaches Tokyo Bay

I just figured out where they buried Robert Kardashian after Kris wished him out of her way. Just look at that gargantuan ass beast in a Baby Huey sized adult diaper. You could fit several mid-sized Armenian corpses in that trunk. Kim Kardashian waddled her fat injected... read more

Kim Kardashian Keeps Her Horny Fans Pleased

One day, when she's old enough to understand the difference between being a shameless attention-seeker and having some goddamned self-respect, baby North West is going to ask her mommy and daddy how they got famous. Kanye West will, of course, explain that he made really... read more

Kim Kardashian Gets In Car Wreck

Kim Kardashian was in a car accident in Beverly Hills yesterday but unfortunately no one was hurt. Kim was driving around Beverly Hills listening to the Yeezus album, because someone has to, when she went to turn left. A car that was also turning from oncoming traffic... read more

Rob Kardashian Too Fat To Be on the Bride Side

Rob Kardashian doesn't want to go to sister Kim's magical third wedding because he's too fat. Rob has been steadily gaining weight over the last few years and is embarrassed that he doesn't look like a plastic demon-troll like the rest of his family. Rob is whining to... read more

Kim Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are Like Two Peas in a Hooker Pod

It's hard to imagine what Kim Kardashian finds in common with a former stripper who's got a bastard baby with a rapper, big fake tits, and butt implants. But Blac Chyna has been named Kim Kardashian's official bestie, inheriting all the rank and responsibility that comes... read more