Brody Jenner Is Mad That He Didn’t Get A Plus One For Kim’s Wedding

By Travis May 21, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Brody Jenner and some girl

Kim Kardashian’s big wedding to Kanye West this weekend won’t be perfect unless it also offers a stupid dramatic angle that can be exploited on her TV show once she’s done collecting the millions of dollars that she’ll be receiving just for getting married for a third time. Her stepbrother Brody Jenner was more than willing to provide that drama when he chose not to attend the wedding because Kim wouldn’t invite his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, according to Us Weekly. On one hand, Kim’s right to not want the girl that Brody has only been dating for seven months to be at her wedding, taking pictures and sharing them with god knows who. But on the other hand, would it really be that much of an inconvenience to take one of Rob Kardashian’s meals away from him so one more person can attend?

Photo Credit: Brody Jenner’s Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s Bare Boobs Prepping for Wedding #3

By Lex May 20, 2014 @ 6:27 PM

Kim Kardashian Steps Out Braless With Kanye West In Paris
You may have heard by now the entire Kardashian French wedding thing was a bit of a hoax as Kanye and his blushing maiden are to be married in a medieval palace this weekend outside of Florence, Italy. It’s a fortress where the Florentine aristocrats used to barricade themselves when communicable disease broke out in the city. For some serious American dollars, after five hundred years the landlords are swinging open the gates and allowing the communicable disease to come to them. Kim has been letting her titties hang free in preparation to slip commando into her virginal white gown for the wedding. Kim’s implants are composed mainly of silicon, with the addition of beeswax and crunched up breakfast cereal for a crackle effect when you finish on her tits. Not every woman thinks ahead like that. Which is why not every woman is worth $40 million despite not a modicum of talent.

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Lana Del Ray Will Perform At Kim’s Wedding

By Travis May 20, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

This weekend’s wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Florence, Italy is supposed to be a small, personal affair that will only feature the closest of friends and family, and probably two chairs for Rob Kardashian. Of course, small and personal doesn’t mean humble or understated, because among the many luxuries that are bound to be revealed along the way, Lana Del Rey has been booked to sing her song “Young and Beautiful” for the special couple. According to Mirror, after Lana previously declined Kanye’s offer to perform at his baseball stadium engagement, she has now accepted six figures for the wedding, because self-respect and art don’t mean shit when it comes to pocketing that dirty sex tape money.

Ray J Is Giving Kim And Kanye A Wedding Present

By Travis May 19, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

Kim and Ray J

With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just days away from their humble, private wedding in Italy, it’s a perfect time for Ray J to hop into the picture and make himself slightly famous again. When Kim was engaged to Kris Humphries, it was reported that Ray J was sending Kim inappropriate text messages while he openly bragged about their sex tape, and now he’s basically doing the same thing, except instead of text messages, he’s sending her a check for $46,840.13. According to TMZ, that’s the total amount of money Ray J has made through four months in 2014 on his sex tape with Kim. Keep in mind, that sex tape was made in 2007 and just about everybody on Earth has seen it, so the fact that it’s still making money is fucking retarded. At this point the government should purchase it and use its profits to fund the war on terror or improve the education system so today’s teenage girls will be better prepared for their careers in porn when they turn 18.

Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Cool Enough For Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

By Travis May 15, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

Ryan Seacrest in high school

Despite the fact that we’re not a bunch of idiot assholes who don’t realize she’s full of shit, Kim Kardashian has claimed that her upcoming wedding ceremony is going to be “super, super small” and just feature her and Kanye West’s closest friends and family members. It won’t be a huge star-studded event, because these two narcissists really, honestly love each other, and not because nobody fucking likes them and wouldn’t go if they were invited. One celebrity who is definitely not attending is Ryan Seacrest, who produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the other shows featuring these fame whores, but according to Us Weekly, he’s completely fine with that. “It would be one of the most amazing ceremonies that has ever been had,” he said, probably before finalizing plans to give Kendall Jenner all of Kim’s shows and money.

Kim Kardashian’s Wall Of Roses Makes Sense

By Travis May 14, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Kim Kardashian's stupid wall of roses

One of the cool things about being extremely wealthy is that you already own basically everything in the world, so when holidays and birthdays come around, you can just buy the dumbest shit that you can possibly think of. Like for Mother’s Day, Kanye West didn’t buy Kim Kardashian a bouquet of roses, 10 bouquets of roses or even 100 bouquets of roses. Instead, he bought her a “wall of roses” because, again, that’s probably the dumbest fucking thing that he could think to waste a shitload of money on and Kim and all of her moron fans still probably think that it’s the most beautiful and romantic thing that could ever be made. But even better than that, Kim now has something new to squeeze her giant ass in front of while taking pictures at her home, since she doesn’t do anything else even remotely interesting with her life.

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram