Kim Kardashian Nearly Shows Off Her Baby's Head

The more you can see Kim's vagina, the more she smiles and waves. It's just an automatic response programmed into her at the Japanese factory. Stick a finger in that thing and her voice box lets out a synthesized squeak. If you insert cash into her cleavage slot, the... read more

How Does A Kardashian Porn Parody Work?

Kiara Mia (above left) is the star of such porn classics as Shrimp Fried Pussy, Couples Bang the Babysitter 8, Bra Busters 4, Mama's Got Big Boobies, Tit-illation, Oil Overload 8 and, of course, A Love Story. But at age 36, Kiara is looking to expand her repertoire from... read more

Kanye West Still Thinks He's Jesus

Back in 2006, Kanye West declared that he should be featured in the Bible because he believed that he could tell stories in a way that would make kids want to learn about them, and because he had "changed the sound of music". That same year, he also appeared on the cover... read more

Kim Kardashian's Ankle Hams Don't Fit In Heels

Kim Kardashian continued her quest to accentuate just how fat she's gotten by wearing a pair of ridiculously tight heels. She complained to her paid friends that her swollen feet hurt after she somehow managed to shove her puffed up pregger hooves into a pair of Givenchy... read more

How Come Kim Looks Fatter In Candids?

It's amazing how dishonest candidphotos can be. Unlike carefully contracted magazine covers and pre-approved Twitpics which utilize the scientific rigor of lighting and mirrors and angles and post-production to really capture the true subject, candid photos simply lie.... read more

Kim Is Not Fat! Stop Calling Her Fat!!!

In your face. In your damn face. How dare you call Kim fat when clearly, judging by this carefully manufactured and highly paid for US Weekly photo interview, she is merely an average girthed pregnant woman. She's almost not big enough. In fact, she looks pretty skinny.... read more

Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian Are Totally BFF

Ever since Kim Kardashian spread her way into the A-list social circle of Kanye West and Jay Z, it has been rumored that Beyoncé wants nothing to do with her. The reason, of course, would be that Beyoncé is a very talented pop superstar and Kim made a sex tape with Ray J... read more

Kim Kardashian Is So Punk Rock

Vogue editor Anna Wintour had famously banned Kim Kardashian from her annual Met Gala in previous years, but one of the perks of dating the world's biggest rap star is that people tend to change their minds. So after Kim, Anna and Kanye West got together for lunch... read more

Ray J's 'I Hit It First' Is Pretty Sad (VIDEO)

It has been about six years since Kim Kardashian accepted $5 million from Vivid Entertainment for the release of her amateur porn that she recorded with then-unknown hip hop artist Ray J in 2003. So while Kim and now-unknown hip hop artist Ray J presumably haven't slept... read more

Kim Kardashian See-Through Right to Her Gentle Soul

Depending on which shock gossip blog you read, pregnant fatty Kim Kardashian is either collapsing in tears from Kanye's abandonment of her during her time of need, or, Kanye is dying to marry Kim before their bastard baby pops fresh from Kim's moneymaker and nobody gives... read more

Kim Kardashian Admits to Being a Hypocrite

Kim Kardashian is valiantly eating her own words. This classy style icon admits that chiding her sister Kourtney about having out of wedlock babies with her fey unemployed boyfriend was a bit short-sighted given her own bastard rapper baby situation. For her part,... read more

Kim Kardashian Divorce Settlement Banged Out

I guess it was to be expected. Kim Kardashian did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like a total whore. Kris Humphreys did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like the jackass who thinks he's getting lucky with a lady only to be the last... read more