Kim Kardashian Isn't Fat, She's Pregnant

Or so her sister Khloe would have you believe. Khloe finds it 'disgusting' how people are rudely focused on Kim's blowing up since pregnant. Somewhat conveniently, Khloe doesn't find it so disgusting to expose the intimacies of herself, her husband, her sisters, little... read more

In Desperate Need Of Attention, Ray J Fires Shots At Kanye West

Rapper Ray J is famous because he made a really boring sex tape with Kim Kardashian before anybody knew who she was, but while Kim went on to create a reality TV empire, Ray J is still just that dude who had sex with Kim Kardashian. Apparently that's changing, though,... read more

Ryan Lochte Wants To Make A Sex Tape With Ray J

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte spills the beans on his hopes and dreams, as the star of E!'s new reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, wants everyone in America to accept him as an entertainment icon.... read more

Kim Kardashian Is Never Coming Back

I remember a day not so long ago when people would say, 'Sure, Kim Kardashian is a soul-less conniving Succubus who needs to be stricken form this planet like polio or that French Stewart guy, BUT, she's still hot and I'd do her.' Now what? Outside of the few of you who... read more

Fat Kim Kardashian's Sisters Don't Think She's Fat

Pregnant sex tape star Kim Kardashian was a guest on The Tonight Show last Thursday, presumably so she and Jay Leno could laugh about how wealthy they are despite being loathed by everyone. But while she was yapping away about her new maternity clothing line or how she... read more

The Kardashians Are Probably Going To Sue Ford Now

Over the weekend, Ford officials responded to a really stupid decision by an advertising agency in India to give the Kardashian sisters a little dab of rape culture by basically admitting that the automobile manufacturer doesn't review its ads before they hit the... read more

Holy Cow!

There are only three certainties in life. Death. Taxes. And that Kim Kardashian was destined to be a ginormous tub of fame whore goo. Just like you can keep death at the doorstep with some unholy underworld alliances, so too has Kim Kardashian celebrity cumguzzled her... read more

Ford Pulled Its Ads That Joked About Killing The Kardashians

An ad company in India is neck-deep in the proverbial shit after it ran two ads for the Ford Figo that portrayed violence toward women. JWT India's ads made fun of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his love for adultery, as well as the one-time feud... read more

Are Kanye And Kim Really Calling Their Crotch Troll North West?

Guess what Kanye West and Kim Bigasses' baby name is rumored to be. Go on, guess. Did you guess a normal unobnoxious name? Then you are wrong. They are reportedly calling their celeb larvae North. North West. Like, the direction. Would someone please slip that bitch some... read more

Kim Thinks Kanye Is Going To Cheat

Most mothers-to-be are told daily that they look beautiful even when they put on the baby weight, but Kim Kardashian is so worried about her 65 poundweight gain that she's terrified Kanye West is going to cheat on her, according to a bombshell exclusive report in the new... read more

Leon's Getting Larger

It's just about time to blow the flute and order the Oompas to roll Kim Kardashian off to the juicing room as the world's biggest merch whore swells with the gestation of her billion dollar bastard baby. If you believe the supermarket tabloids, and why the fuck not, Kim... read more

Kim Kardashian Gets Bloody Money Shot

If this were a fill in the blanket contest and you heard, 'Kim Kardashian just got sprayed in the face with _________', the word 'blood' probably wouldn't come to mind. It came up number seven on my own list, well after jizz, Khloe shat, kumquat juice, AstroGlide, small... read more