Kim Kardashian See-Through Right to Her Gentle Soul

Depending on which shock gossip blog you read, pregnant fatty Kim Kardashian is either collapsing in tears from Kanye's abandonment of her during her time of need, or, Kanye is dying to marry Kim before their bastard baby pops fresh from Kim's moneymaker and nobody gives... read more

Kim Kardashian Admits to Being a Hypocrite

Kim Kardashian is valiantly eating her own words. This classy style icon admits that chiding her sister Kourtney about having out of wedlock babies with her fey unemployed boyfriend was a bit short-sighted given her own bastard rapper baby situation. For her part,... read more

Kim Kardashian Divorce Settlement Banged Out

I guess it was to be expected. Kim Kardashian did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like a total whore. Kris Humphreys did not want to spend time on the witness stand looking like the jackass who thinks he's getting lucky with a lady only to be the last... read more

Big Kim In Belly Shirt

Kim Kardashian has decided to turn her biggest weakness into a strength, turn that threat into an opportunity, take those lemons and make herself some lemonade. After all the ribbing about her ballooning up like a zeppelin since being rap star seeded in her latest... read more

Kim Kardashian Can Now Be Seen From Space, With the Naked Eye

I'm not sure Spanx are good for a gestating baby, but I'm guessing it's slightly higher up the baby health chart than amphetamine laced diet powders. Still, if this bastard pops out with an awkward shaped head, I'd blame it on the industrial strength girdles Kim is... read more

Kim and Khloe Shoot Creepy Kendall Jenner Bikini Video

If a dude shot this peekaboo bikini stalker video of Kendall Jenner, we'd convene a meeting of the HOA to figure out how to drive him out of town. But it's far more sinister than that. It's Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, like two cunning witch sisters eying their... read more

I Think They Held the MTV Movie Awards

What would you do if you threw a big movie awards show and nobody noticed? If you're MTV, you could plot the death of even more of your crappy reality show stars. It'd give the press something to talk about other than the fact that you changed the date of your Movie... read more

Kim Kardashian to Call Her Cuckold Husband as Witness

In one month we finally get to the divorce trial of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphreys. In case you're wondering who to root for in this contest of The Whore vs. The Dude Dumb Enough to Believe He Could Tap the Whore's Ass For Free, you can't go wrong with 'meteor'. I... read more

Kim Kardashian Isn't Fat, She's Pregnant

Or so her sister Khloe would have you believe. Khloe finds it 'disgusting' how people are rudely focused on Kim's blowing up since pregnant. Somewhat conveniently, Khloe doesn't find it so disgusting to expose the intimacies of herself, her husband, her sisters, little... read more

In Desperate Need Of Attention, Ray J Fires Shots At Kanye West

Rapper Ray J is famous because he made a really boring sex tape with Kim Kardashian before anybody knew who she was, but while Kim went on to create a reality TV empire, Ray J is still just that dude who had sex with Kim Kardashian. Apparently that's changing, though,... read more

Ryan Lochte Wants To Make A Sex Tape With Ray J

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte spills the beans on his hopes and dreams, as the star of E!'s new reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, wants everyone in America to accept him as an entertainment icon.... read more

Kim Kardashian Is Never Coming Back

I remember a day not so long ago when people would say, 'Sure, Kim Kardashian is a soul-less conniving Succubus who needs to be stricken form this planet like polio or that French Stewart guy, BUT, she's still hot and I'd do her.' Now what? Outside of the few of you who... read more