Kris Jenner is not dead. Unfortunately.

Apparently there was a rumor on Twitter last night that Kris Jenner had died, and the entire world was dancing and celebrating like at the end of ‘Return of the Jedi', but then Kim Kardashian had to butt in and ruin everything. "The awkward moment when ‘RIP Kris Jenner'... read more

50 Cent on Kanye and Kim Kardashian: "One mans trash..."

Taken out of context, it may have sounded like an insult when XXL asked 50 Cent about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and 50 referred to Kim as "trash", but when you read it in context... XXL: "Kanye took to his Twitter to announce that he wrote the song "Perfect Bitch"... read more

Kim Kardashian has stopped using birth control

In the most definitive sign yet that Kim Kardashian really does want to settle down and start a family with Kanye West (or at least it would be if this were true), InTouch says they've been looking at house together and she's "quit her birth control". Though technically,... read more

Kris Jenner sold Kim Kardashians sex tape

It's hard to believe that a mother would contact a porn producer to sell a home video of her own daughter having sex, until you realize that the mother is Kris Jenner and the daughter is Kim Kardashian. Then it's not hard to believe at all, because that's absolutely... read more

Kim Kardashian has an underwater camera

Kim Kardashian spent some more time on twitter this weekend posting pictures of herself in a bikini, some of which were taken underwater and in artistic black and white. Looking at these, why it's like we're in some fancy museum, and Kim is an beautiful and enchanting... read more

surely this must have been photoshopped

Kim Kardashian posted these bikini pictures on instagram last night with the captions "pool time", which seems likely, and "#nofilter #nophotoshop", which seems impossible. You mean to tell me this dark picture where the subject is at a 45 degree angle isn't from some... read more

Kim Kardashian knows how to pick a flattering outfit

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went to dinner in New York last night, and with her hair up and a sleeveless dress with no cleavage, it belied her usual gift for hiding her enormous ass. She looked so fat she might as well have gone dressed as a hot dog. (image source =... read more

Kim Kardashian is already freaking out Beyonce

Kim Kardashian is still desperate to parlay her relationship with Kanye West into a friendship with Beyonce and Jay Z, so she reportedly spent $5,000 on a gold bracelet with pink and white diamonds for their daughter Blue Ivy, and then engraved it with a very... read more

Kanye makes Kim pump the gas

KNOW YOUR PLACE, FATTY! (image source of kanye and kim and his black lamborghini = fame/flynet) [gallery ids="1071212,1071222,1071232,1071241,1071251,1071261,1071262,1071272"] read more

Kim Kardashian could use some makeup

Kim Kardashian went to a tanning salon in Studio City yesterday, and either she's not doing it right or she's in a kabuki play or she was bitten by a vampire because she went in tan and came out looking ghostly white. Let's just go with vampire bite because staking her... read more

Kanye really wants to marry Kim Kardashian. Still.

An unnamed source (Kris Jenner) tells Us magazine that Kanye West is completely in love with Kim Kardashian and wants to marry her, just in case you forgot when an unnamed source told Us magazine the same thing 6 weeks ago. "They're seriously talking marriage. And yes,... read more

Kim Kardashian is in Esquire

Kim Kardashian is in the Mexican edition of Esquire this month, and even though I don't speak Spanish it was full of surprising revelations. Specifically that she can lie back in water. Her ass is so big I assumed the buoyancy would keep her completely upright, bobbing... read more