Vitalli Sediuk Strikes Kim Kardashian's Ass With His Lips

Ukrainian prankster slash physically assaultive douchebag in an ironic hat, Vitali Sediuk, struck the ass of Kim Kardashian with his bare lips during her visit to Paris today. The lack of use of a dental dam or other prophylactic could be used in court as an insanity... read more

The Game Announces Which Kardashians He Fucked

If you had Bruce Jenner in the cum pool of Kardashians the rapper The Game claims to have fucked, you lost. I just tore up my brackets. The Game recently sent people who didn't know The Kardashians were a huge whoring family into a tizzy when he rapped on a DJ Khaled... read more

Kim Kardashain Pushing Her Tits and Armenian Genocide

Kim Kardashian is pissed that the Wall Street Journal let a Pro-Turkic Armenian Genocide denying organization take out a full page ad in its papers this past April. She responded with a full page ad in the New York Times re-confirming the genocide. read more

Kim Kardashian Tits Behind Her Husband

There's something to be said for a woman who shows up at her husband's place of work showing off her tits in a see-through dress. That thing is, which one of you bastards is fucking my wife? Just kidding. Gay husbands don't get jealous. Also, they know how the throw... read more

Kim Kardashian Comes Partial Ass Clean

After ten years of being dogged about ass injections, Kim Kardashian has admitted to taking needles in her butt cheeks. Though she claims the injections are entirely a medical necessity to treat her psoriasis. Kardashian often refers to psoriasis as her biggest flaw to... read more

Kim Kardashian Might Have Some Fake

The world of twits is in a lather because cameras captured Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pawing each other like two straight teenagers in the VMA audience Sunday night, but backstage caught on camera they were remote and distant and seemingly feuding. It's almost as if... read more

Kim Kardashian Hired Decoy Bikini

Evil dictators have been employing body doubles for centuries now to confuse would be assassins. Kim Kardashian hired a decoy to show off big tits in her bikinis and sunglasses and walk back and forth on her cellphone by the pool in Punta Mita to keep paparazzi and... read more

Kim Kardashian in A Bikini

After making a plea not to put her children into paparazzi photos, Kim Kardashian stripped down to a thong at Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis' digs in Mexico and paraded her daughter North West around in a matching bikini. read more

Kim Kardashian Writes A Book

Kim Kardashian is coming out with a new book called SELFISH, as if that's something to be proud of. In 2016 admitting you're a trust fund douche without a high school education is tantamount to winning a gold medal. read more

Kim Kardashian Still Fucking With Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

Nobody fucks with Taylor Swift. Kim Kardashian fucks with everybody. This is the battle earth has been waiting for since Xenu launched his first volcano burial business. read more

Kim Kardashian Up to $700,000 An Hour

When asked about making more money than the President, Babe Ruth told the media, "I've had a better year". Then he plowed his face into snuff and consumed a chili dog while a fat chick barebacked his syphilis encrusted dick. Crude, but more interesting than anything at... read more

Taylor Swift Stone Cold Busted (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift has vociferously maintained that she had no advanced knowledge that Kanye would malign and objectify her sexually her in his idiotic song, Famous. Swift insists she was shocked and pissed on behalf of herself and all woman-kind when she heard these... read more