tuesday afternoon headlines

IRON MAN 2 - kind of sucks, according to the first major review, because it has too many plot lines and villains crammed in. But that's how all superhero sequels do it. More stories and characters make it better. Because it's more. It's a higher number. Why have one... read more

Kim Kardashians first husband beat her up. A lot.

Some people say kids are our most precious resource, but those people are God damn liars. You can't go 10 feet without seeing some punk ass kid. How precious could they really be? Our real most precious resource is hot sluts with huge breasts. That's why Kim Kardashian... read more

kim kardashian is an angel

I used to think Kim Kardashian (seen here today in Australia) was ugly but then she lost about 20 pounds without affecting her huge huge breasts, and know I realize she's beautiful and I love her very very much. Will there ever be a day when I see a picture of her... read more

tuesday morning headlines

SANDRA BULLOCK - was photographed last week without her wedding ring on. Wait, is there some sort of trouble in her marriage? This is the first I've heard of anything like that. (people) ELIN NORDEGREN - packed up the two kids she had with Tiger Woods and flew home to... read more

kim kardashian is photogenic

Kim Kardashian posted this picture (full size) on her twitter page last night, behind the scenes of some photo shoot. But she didn't say what it was for. All she said was, "Pic from my shoot yesterday...good kitty cat!" Should she be holding it like that? Is she hurting... read more

friday afternoon headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - is bare ass naked in an un-retouched photo for Bazaar magazine (hq full size here). I hope she does Playboy again. Because I liked seeing her naked. Especially her boobs. I hope my insight into this matter has answered any questions you may have had. (... read more

leave kim and i alone

Fine, okay. Yes. Kim Kardashian and I are spending some time together, okay. I didn't want it to come out this way but yeah. Kim is a really special lady. So yesterday I got my blue and yellow swim trunks and we tried to spend some time alone on the beach in Miami. Are... read more

kim kardashian is a good babysitter

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian took Kourtneys stupid baby to the pool in Miami the other day, and Kim held him up against her hugely awesome tits. Unfortunately for him it's all downhill from here. Those are probably the best tits he'll ever see and his skull hasn't even... read more

kim kardashian is still in miami

Half of these Kim Kardashian pictures were taken yesterday in Miami while Kim was at work. The other half were taken yesterday in Miami while Kim relaxed after a hard day at work. Good luck trying to figure out which ones are which. (source = splash news online) [gallery... read more

kim kardashian is f'n hot

Less than 2 years ago, Kim Kardashians ass looked like this in a bikini (and this and this). Today in Miami she filmed a commercial for a diet pill called The Greatest Fucking Pill Ever, and now it looks like this. Although there may be some side effects, like it might... read more

damn you kim kardashian

There better be a mermaid warning us about cthulhu in the blue tent thing behind Kim Kardashian, because that's the only excuse for that nerd with the camera to film anything but Kim and her unthinkably perfect tits on the beach in Miami today. On a scale of 1 to 10, her... read more

january gessert didn't break up reggie and kim

January Gessert is the waitress at Red Rock on Sunset who reportedly had an affair with Reggie Bush, which led to his breakup with Kim Kardashian. But today her attorney Gloria Alred held a press conference so January could deny all this. None of that is important or... read more