Kim Kardashian is at Oktoberfest

Kim Kardashian is in Germany for Oktoberfest this week, and today she posted this picture on twitter, and HOLY FUCK I LOVE PIGTAILS. Even ugly girls look cute with pigtails. A hot girl with big tits and pigtails is too good to be true. If I were a king 2,000 years ago,... read more

Kim Kardashian is mad at Playboy

Playboy has released 7 new pictures from Kim Kardashians famous 2007 pictorial (people are saying it's 25, but it's 7. The other ones aren't new. Don't worry about... look, do we have to humiliate me every single day, just take my word on it), which she now says she... read more

Lindsay Lohan is banned from her own movies now

Kim Kardashian was on the Tonight Show earlier this week, and Leno asked her why she never got into trouble like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I don't know what she said, I didn't see it, but they talk about it on if you care. He might not have even mentioned... read more

Friday morning headlines

MIRANDA KERR - has confirmed the rumor that she's pregnant. (popeater) * don't I know it, heh-heh-heh * WYCLEF JEAN - is not on the list of candidates for Haitis presidential election, perhaps because he did not meet residency requirements (he was born in Haiti but left... read more

it's kim kardashian in a bikini. as if you couldn't tell.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were on the beach in Miami this weekend, and it was an outrage because both these bitches keep tricking me into thinking they're hot. I sure as hell forgot how big Kims ass is. She could fall off a 5 story building and just bounce around on... read more

kim kardashian has the worst wax sculpture ever

Kim Kardashian was honored (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) earlier today in New York with a wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds, and you're gonna find this hard to believe but that's it on the right. As you can see it looks nothing like her, and not just... read more

kim kardashian is dating another football player

Kim Kardashian of course used to date Reggie Bush, who plays for the New Orleans Saints, but they broke up about 3 months ago and after that she was reportedly dating a few big time soccer players. Now she's back to football players, but the new guy isn't as famous as... read more

kim kardashian and christina aguilera? sure why not.

While in Miami this weekend, Kim Kardashian hooked up with Christina Aguilera at the pool, though not in the sexy way. They had lunch together and kind of hung out, and presumably art some point Kim screamed, "ahhhhhhWHATTHEFUCK!" Why. Is Christina wearing so much... read more

im so happy right now

Kim Kardashian and her huge breasts hung out by the pool in Miami this weekend, although she seemed too worried about her ass to ever really relax. She never did take that stupid towel off. Not that I care of course. There are good tits and there are great tits and then... read more

kim kardashian in a bikini. sort of.

Kim Kardashian is in Miami for a friends bachelorette party, and earlier today she went to the beach in a bikini, but please know that I mean that in the literal sense only. Don't expect any sexy frolicking or decent pictures of her era-defining boobs, because she... read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

IRON MAN 2 - kind of sucks, according to the first major review, because it has too many plot lines and villains crammed in. But that's how all superhero sequels do it. More stories and characters make it better. Because it's more. It's a higher number. Why have one... read more

Kim Kardashians first husband beat her up. A lot.

Some people say kids are our most precious resource, but those people are God damn liars. You can't go 10 feet without seeing some punk ass kid. How precious could they really be? Our real most precious resource is hot sluts with huge breasts. That's why Kim Kardashian... read more