Kim Kardashian > fat dumb hillbilly teen moms

Kim Kardashian went on her blog yesterday to post about the high school in Memphis that has had 90 teen pregnancies in the past year, and how it might relate to the MTV show Teen Mom, and said some fairly obvious things that shouldn't even need to be said, such as...... read more

Kim Kardashian has a racy new leaked picture

The New York Daily News says today that they have a private candid picture of Kim Kardashian, naked in bed with her new boyfriend, though to be honest that probably makes it sound hotter than it really is. Gatecrasher has secured a photo of (Kim) and her rumored BF, New... read more

Kim Kardashian is good at twitter

Kim Kardashian doesn't really do anything of course, but before this our famous celebrities who didn't really do anything were fug whores like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Remember that? What the hell was that all about? So at least Kim is hot, and goes on her twitter... read more

Kim Kardashian has ass for days

Kim Kardashian normally does a pretty good job at hiding how big her ass is, but she's fashion savvy, not magic, so she can't hide it all the time. Like this weekend. From the waist down it looks like a horse. (source = pacific coast) [gallery... read more

Kim Kardashian looks different

I only bought these because she was in see thru tights and Splashes headline said, "Kim Kardashian shows some big lips while leaving her house". I feel like they should have been more specific. But apparently they're implying that she recently had some kind of injection... read more

KIm Kardashian is dating some new guy

Kim Kardashian has of course been dating Halle Berrys ex Gabriel Aubry lately, even though she's obviously pregnant with Kanye Wests baby, but now she's reportedly ended things with Aubry and has moved on to some NBA player that I've never heard of because the NBA sucks.... read more

Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life

On December 1st, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest and others all grossly over estimated their popularity and "died" on Twitter and Facebook, vowing not to post again until they raised 1 million dollars for the Keep a Child Alive AIDS campaign.... read more

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, and Kanye West is the father

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have never officially dated, but they have been friends for a long time, and that's why Kanye filmed some scenes for her TV show in October (pics above and below). And so how did Kim show her gratitude? Umm, well. Media Take Out says... (We)... read more

Kim Kardashian dropped something

Brace yourself for a white knuckle ride on a wave of adrenaline, because not only did Kim Kardashian get a pedicure in Beverly Hills today, but when leaving, she dropped something! And then, she picked it up! Oohh this website just doesn't let up some days. My heart... read more

Kim Kardashian was teased because of her boobs

The assumption is that people who are uncommonly attractive and sexy have it easier in life, and of course that assumption is correct. It's wonderful. They don't even make me pay taxes. But Kim Kardashian says it wasn't always so easy on her, and she used to actually... read more

Kim Kardashian is canceling her debit card

Just about 3 weeks ago, Kim Kardashian was hosting a fancy party in New York to announce the Kardashian Mastercard, a pre-paid debit card that she hoped would teach todays young people about managing their money. But then nerds who were probably ugly or flat chested and... read more

Kim Kardashian is a good model

Kim Kardashian went on her website today and posted new pics from her swimwear line, including the one on the headline (full size here), and wrote... My Divinity Collection was inspired by Jane Fonda in the movie Barbarella, where she plays a super-sci-fi-sexy Queen of... read more