Lady Gaga In A White See-Through Body Suit In London

By Lex September 02, 2013 @ 1:59 PM

Lady Gaga Steps Out In A White See Through Body Suit In London

Lady Gaga paraded around London over the weekend in over ten different idiotic costumes ranging from a Mickey Mouse head to a pig nose in an effort to remind the people of London that she’s a cheap stunt visual artist as well as an overblown musical one. She wound up her weekend going out in a Mary Lou Retton prostitute see-through leotard because showing off her tits gets most everybody to shut the fuck up. Gaga’s in London to perform at the big iTunes concert series there. It’s free to get in, but in a week you’ll get a bill for $1.49 for every shitty Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, or Elton John song you sat through.

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Lady Gaga Has Run Out of Shit to Wear

By Lex August 30, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

Lady Gaga Leaves A Studio In Sheer Tights And A Net Over Her Face In London
People really into fashion because they were never good at sports like to interpret Lady Gaga’s various odd ball outfits as profound statements of social exhibition. It’s just, wow, meat suit! Lady Gaga is slathered in a bucket of human waste, she’s done it again! If this were Amanda Bynes coming out of a hotel with a rope net over her head and tights flashing her crotch everybody would be talking about how fucking nuts and horrible she looked. You want to impress me, Gaga? Hit the streets engulfed in flame. I’ll golf clap. And tell my kids someday about you.

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Lady Gaga Steps Out In Sheer Outfit And Bra

By Lex August 27, 2013 @ 1:25 PM

Laday Gaga Wears A Sheer Bra As She Leaves Her Apartment In New York
The thing about Lady Gaga is I can’t remember if I turn to stone if I look into her eyes or she looks into my eyes. Either way it’s best to only view her through the reflection of your shiny shield.

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Terry Richardson Tries To Make Lady Gaga Look Not Ugly on VMA Day

By Lex August 26, 2013 @ 6:20 PM

Terry Richardson Photographs Lady Gaga Prep For The 2013 VMAs In Brooklyn
Have you ever pondered how they make those rough looking chicks into stage beauty when the lights go on? Yeah, aren’t you the deep thinker. None of that applies to Lady Gaga, who goes from pre-game rambleshack to game time Sleestack, and it still takes an armada of resources just for that junior league metamorphosis. Terry Richardson tagged along to track Lady Gaga’s preparations during the day of the VMAs. I was going to say he saw her naked a lot to remind himself why he doesn’t like girls. But Terry is one of the few hetero celebrity photographers in New York, so I’m going to guess he did it to get paid. Sex and money are what drives men. In relation to gigs for Gaga, be clear up front that you want the money.

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga In A 50′s Convertible With No Pants

By Lex August 20, 2013 @ 12:56 PM

Lady Gaga Poses In A 50's Convertable With No Pants On As She Greets Fans In New York
Lady Gaga took a ride in an old convertible without any pants on to celebrate the debut of her music video ‘Applause’ on Good Morning America. Throngs of moderately retarded fans cheered in the streets of New York as Gaga made her way slowly toward the ABC studios like a conquering hero. The celebratory mood was broken when a shawarma vendor grumbled under his breath that Gaga’s music is boring and repetitive and she looks like Chumley from Tennessee Tuxedo. The crowd quickly dispersed and everyone went home disillusioned. The last person left was forced to wipe her shmear off the backseat.

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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton Having the Bitch Fight to End All Bitch Fights

By Lex August 19, 2013 @ 5:37 PM

Lady Gaga Greets Fans In A Black And White Outfit Leaving The Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles
Nobody knows how the war began, just that it’s been bloody. Well, not exactly bloody, but lame and retarded and taking place on social media, naturally. Apparently it all began early this year when Lady Gaga got a hip pointer injury from trying to go down on multiple Indigo Girls at the same time. Lady Gaga was forced into Gucci designer wheelchair and to cancel her tour. She claims Perez sent her a pictures of a wheelchair with the word ‘Karma’ written on it.

“Still have the text Perez sent me of me in a wheelchair w the words KARMA written across + Madonna pointing a gun at me. Day of my accident” — Lady Gaga on Twitter

That is kind of bitchy so it could easily be true. Then last week Gaga accused Perez Hilton of dumping on her record sales and trying to stalk her by looking to buy an apartment in her same building in New York without even telling her. That’s total New Jack.


Perez fired back with vague references to Lady Gaga being affected by drug and mental health issues.

@ladygaga I know you got treatment for your hip injury. Hopefully you got treatment for your other #issues too! I wish you health and peace. “– Perez Hilton on Twitter

Immediately, Lady Gaga’s trainable ‘little monsters’ went nuts and started writing nasty threatening letters to Perez who fired back by saying he feared for the safety of his young child, because that always works.

“I can’t sleep. I am literally sick to my stomach. Not playing any fucking games here. I am afraid for my fucking safety and that of my son.” — Perez Hilton on Twitter

Now the gay Hatfields and the gay McCoys are at a standstill. Nobody knows where the next barrage will come from. They only know it will be horribly and unnecessarily dramatic.

Here’s Lady Gaga looking like death just slightly little warmed over. Don’t think she doesn’t have her Tweet phone at the ready should shit go down.

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