Lady Gaga Not Naked Is Not Smart

By Lex August 16, 2013 @ 12:21 PM

Lady Gaga Shows Cleavage And Greets Fans At The Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles
Every woman is beautiful in her own way. For Lady Gaga, that way is butt naked and drawing attention away from her mug. Strapping on clothes and colorfully painting the grill is a major misstep of public presentation. It’s a Lady Gaga pick six. She needs to seriously reevaluate her coaching staff.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, FameFlynet, WENN

Lady Gaga Showing Off Her Boobs Some More

By Lex August 14, 2013 @ 12:26 PM

Lady Gaga Poses Topless In The September 2013 Issue Of V Magazine
At some point recently Lady Gaga decided it would be in her best professional interest to get naked as much as possible. I don’t know, maybe she finally started listening to her own music or maybe somebody finally explained to her that ‘butter face’ was not a compliment as to the smooth creamy texture of her complexion, but Lady Gaga really wants you to focus on her tits. Fair enough.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Lady Gaga Is So Inconspicuous

By Travis August 13, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

I’m told that somewhere in these photos is pop star and underwear enthusiast Lady Gaga, who stepped out of her hotel in West Hollywood yesterday to take some pictures with her fans and sign autographs, but I have no clue which of these people is her. I don’t think she’s the grown man with the giant Lilo & Stitch phone, nor is she one of the girls down in front or the guy with the totally rad neon Wayfarers on the left.

Maybe she’s standing behind Marilyn Manson after his paintball match, but otherwise I can’t tell where she might be.

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Lady Gaga Wears Her Underwear Out

By Lex August 12, 2013 @ 3:54 PM

Lady Gaga Wears A Bra And Thong To The Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles
Lady Gaga’s personal fashion designer quit on her last week because he said dressing her a dozen times a day was just too much stress. Also, he felt it was time to hand over the title of world’s gayest man job to another contender. I’m not sure if this get-up Lady Gaga wore out to the Chateau Marmont was his last big lilted hurrah, but it sure got Lady Gaga some much needed attention. It’s only been three days since she was naked on video chanting and humming for self-actualization. The minute she stops being a public spectacle, people might listen to her music and realize it’s the same song written twenty different times. Then, we could have a metrosexual blood-letting.

Photo Credit: PCN

Lady Gaga Gets Naked for Self Awareness (VIDEO)

By Lex August 08, 2013 @ 3:04 AM

It seems like forever that eccentric rich people have been going ‘upstate’ somewhere to do crazy shit designed to heal their souls. I guess it’s that or drugs so standing in the middle of a creek vibrating yourself with a couple dildos sticking out of your forehead is far less dangerous.

The Abramovic Method is a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.

I have no fucking clue what that means. But it was so exciting to Lady Gaga she let herself be filmed naked doing it to support Marina Abromvic’s kickstarter project. For $25 Marina will teach you the Abramovic way to drink water. For $500, Lady Gaga will put her clothes back on for you. They’ve raised $230K so far. So either you’re crazy or the world is. Take your pick.

What Is Lady Gaga’s Horrible Terrible Secret?

By Lex August 06, 2013 @ 9:42 AM

A judge ordered a bunch of documents sealed forever in matters between Lady Gaga’s former business manager and another Gaga associate because there’s information in there that the judge agreed could be highly damaging to Lady Gaga’s career. This is leading to rampant speculation as to what could be so shocking in Lady Gaga’s past to make even her mindless little monsters turn their backs on her vamp act. Naturally, everybody dug up the old rumor that Lady Gaga has a dick. But no judge would conclude that hordes of gay men would suddenly lose interest in Lady Gaga because she has a man stem. It’s got to be truly disturbing. But just like following the trail of the girl you saw on the snuff film tossed into the storm drain. Or asking to see how KFC makes their boneless wings. Some horrors are better left to German children’s fairy tales. Learning Lady Gaga’s terrible secret means you will be dead within a week. Probably choked to death on her penis.