Sherri Shepherd Won't Visit Her Welfare Baby

Every social theory I have begins and ends with panelists on The View being alarmingly dumb women who rape the mortal souls of innocents just by their mere moronic existence. Their audience is worse. Sherri Shepherd dumped her non-working husband right before their surrogate baby was born this summer. According to Lamar Sally, who like most broke-ass unemployed men in their 40's is to be considered incapable of lying, more

Sherri Shepherd Doesn't Want Her Surrogate Baby Anymore

According to the recently not re-hired Sherri Shepherd, the surrogate baby she and her soon to be ex-husband have brewing in a rent-a-womb isn't hers and she's not paying for it. She claims Lamar Sally, the unemployed dude she calculated would make a great husband, duped her into making a beaker baby so he could get child support from her after a divorce. She says the egg half of the fetus isn't even hers and more

Sherri Shepherd's Husband Wants Their Unborn Baby All To Himself

Those ladies on The View sure love dispensing advice. There's Barbara Walters, four times divorced, slept with a married Senator for shits and giggles. Jenny McCarthy, who can't remember going on any talk shows to stop moms from vaccinating their children. Whoopi Goldberg, also thrice divorced, colorful drug history. And, Sherri Shepherd, who's latest husband wants a divorce, claiming fraud, and insisting he get more