Lauren Silverman in A Bikini in Barbados

I didn't think Simon Cowell would stick with his buddy's wife he knocked up for almost a full year now since she shat out his spawn. But there they are in Barbados with the little bastard, her other son from her marriage tucked safely away in boarding school on the most remote islet of Tierra del Fuego. Only in the movies do relationships originated in sin and deceit lead to horrible outcomes. In real life, you more

Lauren Silverman In A Bikini

You've got to be pretty stoked when your boring husband befriends a wealthy celebrity who shows a strong interest in plowing you. In a Lifetime movie, this would end up in some kind of deadly love triangle. In real life, Simon Cowell bangs a baby in you and you tell your husband you're leaving for the world of luxury hotels and spas and yachts. It's like hitting the Scratchers jackpot. You put your existing kid in more

Lauren Silverman Keeps the Allure Alive

This isn't Lauren Silverman's first go-round with making a baby with some rich dude. She knows the life span of these commitments. You're only as good as your latest paternity claim. And what better way to seduce your baby daddy for another round of statutory obligations then showing off your milk-laden boobs to draw daddy in for another rodeo. It's only been eight days since Lauren Silverman gave birth to more

Simon Cowell's Vacations Are Better Than Yours

Because everyone with a ton of money is currently on vacation in St. Bart's, Simon Cowell is also there with his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman on his Slipstream yacht. Maybe it's because their relationship started with a terrible affair that destroyed not only a marriage but also a friendship, but I'm surprised that Simon and Lauren are still together and haven't jumped to the inevitable settlement part more

Lauren Silverman And Simon Cowell Are Just A Couple of Sweethearts

There's nothing more romantic than a Christmas beach stroll with your buddy's wife who you knocked up over the summer. I'm sure her seven year old son understands that this Christmas mommy is away because the rich dude from the X-Factor made a baby inside of her and can't be near him as part of the divorce settlement agreement. Not to get all Holden Caulfield, but it's pretty amazing how we fuck over kids just to more

Simon Cowell Stepped Out With His Baby Mama

Media mogul Simon Cowell and the ass-grabbing woman he knocked up, Lauren Silverman, hit the town last night for a little dinner at an Italian restaurant, and they sure look happy, don't they? In fact, I can't tell who looks happier – the guy who got his best friend's wife pregnant or the now ex-wife of his best friend who got a ridiculously wealthy celebrity to knock her up. There are also rumors that Simon more

Lauren Silverman Gropes Simon Cowell

Looking at these two lovebirds, you'd hardly know that just a few weeks ago they were announcing to Lauren's husband that she was pregnant with his good friends baby and they were taking off and how much cash to make it all go easy. A real Romeo and Juliet story. Maybe this one will end the same. Photo Credit: WENNread more

Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman Kiss In Saint Tropez

There's really nothing more romantic than seeing a man kiss his buddy's wife he secretly knocked up. Watching randy dolphins try to bottle-nose female tourists at Hawaiian hotel chain pools is a close second. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are now out of the closet and in France, where even the most despicable of characters can kiss in public and receive nothing but the social embrace of a society that more

Lauren Silverman Spread Her Way to Some Serious Cash

Lauren Silverman isn't dumb. She wanted to start knocking around with a dude not her reasonably rich husband, so she found a super rich dude in Simon Cowell, just in case she got pregnant by urging her lover to repeatedly bareback her. Now, Simon's on the hook for a $20,000 a month Manhattan apartment for Lauren and her seven-year old son, fixing up one of his Beverly Hills mansions for her post-birth relocation, more

Lauren Silverman Leaves K-Mart With Her Sister

I feel pretty sorry for Lauren Silverman's grade school kid. He didn't do nothing to nobody, now he's got a half-brother coming by way of Simon Cowell who knocked up his mom who his dad is divorcing the shit out of. I always feel bad for the children. It's the simpleton's way of assessing a situation. Here's Lauren with her sister who has suddenly shown up with perfect hair now that cameras are all over the more

Lauren Silverman Leaves Home Carrying Simon Cowell's Bastard Baby, But No Bra

Simon Cowell's mom says Simon is going to make a great dad. Any why wouldn't a guy who banged a baby into his buddy's wife make a great dad? Especially if by great dad you mean a guy who won't be around much but has tons of money to buy you shit and might just die young. Any implication or statement that my client is engaged in adultery and has allegedly broken up the marriage of Ms. Silverman is not only false more

Simon Cowell Knocked Up His Buddy's Wife

There's a certain class of guys who will dip their wick in their buddy's wife. Let's call them Simon Cowell asswipes, just to pick a name. Simon's been laying pipe into his real estate buddy Andrew Silverman's wife for nobody knows how long, but at least a few months as she's now ten weeks pregnant with his first kid. But it's all cool, because a source tells US weekly that Lauren Silverman has been unhappy in more