King James DMs PAWG

Lebron James sent a direct message to meaty-assed Instagrammer Rachel Bush. Bush promptly posted a screenshot of the message because that's standard operating procedure for girls who have selected the exciting career field of posting pictures of themselves in thongs to the Internet LeBron is married and Bush is dating the safety for the Cleveland Browns. Which sounds like the setup for a rebooted Three's more

LeBron James Ten Year Old College Bound

LeBron James ten year old son, LeBron James Jr, has already been recruited by multiple colleges according to James who expressed his irritation and then dangled a carrot in front of anyone potentially interested: "It's pretty crazy. It should be a violation. You shouldn't be recruiting 10-year-old kids... He plays just like I did." Stop being interested in my kid. He'sgoing to be as good as me. Don't look at him. more

LeBron James Taking The NBA Down With Him

LeBron James and Kevin Hart hosted theNBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show over All Star Weekend, where players competed for an award for being Best Dressed. This was widely considered an embarrassment to the NBA and the male race as well by everyone except those involved including those of uswithin ear shot, or close to a muted TV in a sports bar that didn't know better. I get it, you guys are into fashion. I'm a more

LeBron James Delusional

LeBron James is utterly mistaken about how important he is and thinks his first game back in Cleveland will be remembered throughout history somewhere between the Immaculate Reception and the fall of the Berlin Wall. That fell, right? "For me, none of us should take this moment for granted. This is probably one of the biggest sporting events up there ever." A regular season NBA game where guys jog back on more

LeBron Returns to Cleveland; Cleveland Lays Out Like a Doormat

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have. I'm ready to accept the challenge. I'm coming home. That's how LeBron called upon his inner Tom Wolfe to announce his decision to return to Cleveland. It had nothing to do really with anything he wrote previously in his talking points 'decision' essay released on today, but whoever wrote it has a nice flair for Rust more

LeBron James Marries His Baby Mama

LeBron James got married over the weekend. If you believe media accounts, it was romantic as fuck. Beautiful hotel, Beyonce flew in from wherever Beyonce flies in from to sing with Jay-Z at the reception. LeBron married Savannah Brinson, the girl he started banging without protection in high school and made two babies with then ditched because he was rich and needed a few years to screw lots of models while being more

lebron is ridiculous

LeBron James has a profile on “60 Minutes” this week, and in the middle of the interview he casually drains a shot from well past half court. If you don’t know, his team is in first place right now by 23 games, and quite honestly, his team is not that good. If he were a computer, he’d be the IBM Roadrunner, and the rest of the Cavs would be a shoebox with “computer” written in glitter and a rotary dial just kind more