Kylie Jenner Is Getting So Grown Up

Intellectually challenged teens who drop out of school and don't have jobs have a high propensity for doing incredibly stupid things with their free time. Take for instance Kylie Jenner. She's got free days. She found her way over to Justin Bieber's house to hang out with his freshly drug-arrested little buddy, Lil Za. Kylie did as she's been trained since birth and shared her private moments with Bieber's more

Justin Bieber's Relationship With Lil Za Explained In One Instagram Picture

Now that he's retired or on a break or hiding from the Los Angeles Police Department or whatever bullshit he and his people want us to believe, Justin Bieber has been traveling across North America with his crew of hanger-ons and coattail riders with the sole mission of getting their dicks wet wherever his plane lands. Earlier this week, before they hit a strip club in Miami and were toking cigars in Cuba, Bieber more

Lil Za Arrested While Being Arrested

Justin Bieber's life partner and loyal fall guyLil Za was arrested again for vandalism while still in custody on a drug possession charge. We told you yesterday about the raid at Justin Bieber's house looking for evidence to connect him and his rent boys to an egging incident at a neighbor's house. The cops arrested a Bieber associate named Lil Za for possession of molly and other fruity drugs. While Lil Za more

There Is Chaos In The House Of Bieber

One of the recurring themes in any story involving Justin Bieber being a prickish little douchebag asshole is the presence of his "entourage" members and aspiring rappers Lil Twist and Lil Za (seen above at a Billboard party in May that they were invited to because they live with Bieber). They've been behind the wheels of Bieber's expensive cars when neighbors have reported them speeding and Twist was even accused more

Justin Bieber's Friends Are Still The Coolest

"Rapper" and Justin Bieber tagalong Lil Twist took a break from being one half of the douchebag duo pissing off everyone in Calabasas yesterday to support the Canadian pop star at his concert at the Staples Center by riding around on a Segway. Twist and his cohort Lil Za were recently caught on video speeding through The Oaks, where they live with Justin in exchange for, I don't know, teaching him how to wear more