Lisa Rinna Turning 50 (or 37 on the Plastic Surgery Index)

By Lex March 08, 2013 @ 4:58 PM

Has it really been twenty years since Lisa Rinna was on all those shows that I never watched?

You couldn’t tell from looking at her that she’s turning 50 in a couple months. Even those brand new nipples on her brand new breasts are poking out like she’s a high school cheerleader about to lose her maidenhead to the varsity QB. I imagine you do feel spirited when you get new body parts. Not like the Bionic Man who had to painfully learn to condition his bio body to work with his new super-animatronic parts, but more like how you feel after you remove heavy boots and walk around barefoot, like you got brand new Oscar Pistorious feet.

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Lisa Rinna is a spaz

By brendon July 27, 2009 @ 2:39 PM

lisa rinna 270709

Lisa Rinna is at times somewhat attractive, but not even remotely hot enough to justify her goofy shenanigans every time she puts on a bikini. For someone who is 46 and hasn’t had a full time job since hosting “Soap Talk” in 2006, she’s awfully proud of herself. I wish I had her self confidence. Instead I’m over here carving “fatty” into my arm right now!  God I’m so fat!

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Lisa Rinna has weird priorities

By brendon July 22, 2009 @ 4:00 PM


Lisa Rinna seems to think bras are just a passing trend, whereas Ed Hardy hats are a timeless fashion staple that will last forever. Lisa Rinna is very much mistaken.

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Get back in the water

By brendon July 20, 2009 @ 3:16 PM


Lisa Rinna hit up the beach in Malibu this weekend, and when she was in the water, she pretty much looked fantastic. Then she stepped out of the water and everything went to total hell.  She’s like an old glove. They both have to stay oiled up or wet all the time or they disintegrate. She and her husband must have sex in the bathtub because otherwise it would be like bangin a sock filled with old oatmeal.

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this is sad

By brendon March 19, 2009 @ 9:04 AM

Yesterday Heather Locklear announced that she would not be taking a place with actress Ashlee Simpson on the new version of “Melrose Place”, while Lisa Rinna made a different announcement.  It went like this: fuck you dignity.  Fame says…

Lisa Rinna dressed in a bill-board seemed to be out promoting herself as one of the originals who wishes to be re-cast on the rumored new TV show of "Melrose Place". She created quite a stir in West Hollywood on Melrose Ave.

I need to rent a phony office and pretend to be the casting director for this show immediately.  The sky’s the limit with this chick.  Her answer is yes, no matter what the question was.  And I’m not just talking about swallowing – although you better believe she’s gonna be doing some swallowing – I could dress her up like a chicken and make her dance around, then ride her around the office like a horsey, then get her in a bikini and charge people a dollar to throw tomatoes at her.


By brendon December 31, 2008 @ 7:32 AM

Lisa Rinna made news last week when it was reveled she was going to pose for Playboy, even though she’s 45 now.  Her body is actually kind of hot, as you can see in these pictures taken over the weekend in Miami, and even though no one wants the see old ladies naked for any reason at any time, if you absolutely had to, she would be a decent choice.    But luckily you don’t absolutely have to. I told several people that a 45-year-old was posing naked in Playboy, and not once did anyone say, "hey, that’s sounds like a good idea".  And do you know why no one said that?  Would you like to know why?  Take a guess why no one said that.