Nike Fires Pacquiao for Being Wicked Old School

Manny Pacquiao noted recently that gay people are worse than animals because animals know better than to fuck their same gender. He's obviously never visited the monkey cages at the city zoo where the hairy little fellas tug the crap out of each other's monkey cocks to... read more

Manny Pacquiao Getting Sued

Manny Pacquiao is being sued in a Nevada court by a bunch of tools who spent money on his fight because he didn't disclose his elbow injury prior to tussling with Floyd Mayweather. The Filipino fighter also seemed noticeably psyched to get his ass kicked and was happily... read more

Mayweather and Pacquiao Felt Like Just Enough

The fight of the century is over. All that's left is to steam clean the cum and body oiled stained sheets at hotels throughout Las Vegas and pretend America didn't collectively waste ten million weeks of supplemental food stamps money watching two guys past their prime... read more

Mexico Has Priorities

Mexico has not done very well as far as having potable water or sinks or faucets or a functioning government or lawful police force but they arranged for everyone in their country who has a TV to get the Mayweather Pacquiao fight for free. The fight will cost $99 or... read more

Nobody Fucks With The Pacquiao

Former Kentucky basketball player Daniel Orton, who until recently played professionally in the Philippines, was released and fined after criticizing Manny Pacquiao's on court performance. Pacquiao at a towering 5'6" is a player and head coach of the Kia Carnival since... read more

We Can Stop Talking About This Now

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have finally agreed to a super boring fight that Mayweather will win in a controversial decision they both end up laughing about in the money counting room. Guys don't die in the ring anymore and rarely break a sweat. Float like a... read more

Manny Pacquiao Appreciates Education

Manny Pacquiao went off on Floyd Mayweather in a recent interview and became the latest Rhodes Scholar to attack him for his lack of education. Mayweather never graduated high school, which makes sense because punching boxers and women in the face does not require a... read more