Justin Bieber has to give a second DNA test

Even though Justin Bieber has already given one DNA test to prove he's not the father of her baby, Mariah Yeater is now demanding a second, but this time not done after Justin sneaks off somewhere in secret. Her attorney tells E! news... "We are trying to set up a DNA... read more

Justin Bieber took his DNA test

Justin Bieber has finally taken a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of Mariah Yeaters baby as she claims. So now we just have to wait for the results. Though If I were Justins attorney I'd go steal her baby and trade it out with another one just in case. This... read more

Mariah Yeater might be lying

TMZ has gotten at least two major stories wrong in the past week (one - two), but today they're saying they have proof Mariah Yeater is lying about Justin Bieber getting her pregnant, and that seemed pretty likely anyway so they might actually be right this time. Justin... read more

its pictures of (probably not) Justin Biebers baby

There are two photo shoots today with Mariah Yeater and the baby she claims she had after Justin Bieber got her pregnant, her 4 month old son Tristyn. I can't tell if the baby looks like Bieber, but he has a gay name (it rhymes with "fistin") so he does remind me of... read more

Justin Biebers paternity lawsuit is still on

OK so TMZ's story this morning saying that Mariah Yeater had dropped her paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber was apparently not correct, because her attorney told WGN in Chicago this afternoon that Mariah still "believes Justin Bieber is the father" and the case is... read more

the Justin Bieber paternity suit has been dismissed

Two weeks ago Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin Bieber got her pregnant when they had sex in a bathroom after a concert, and about a day later that story started to completely fall part, and then he announced he was gonna take a DNA test and then sue her. And so, very... read more

its Mariah Yeaters booking photo

Speaking of Justin Bieber, here's the booking photo for his possible secret lover Mariah Yeater after she was arrested for slapping her boyfriend in the face 3 times on December 21, 2010. The two had a fight after she told him he was the father of the same child she now... read more

Justin Bieber will take a DNA test

Justin Bieber has agreed to take a DNA test to prove he is not the father of Mariah Yeaters child, and then plans on suing her and her lawyers "to show there are consequences to making false accusations." If I were them I would demand a semen sample as proof of DNA, then... read more

Justin Bieber is probably not the father

So it turns out that Justin Bieber is not the not the first person Mariah Yeater has claimed is the father of her child. She also said she got gang banged by the Jonas Brothers. No not really. That would have been awesome though. TMZ says... The woman who claims Justin... read more

Justin Bieber says he never even met that girl

Justin Bieber went on the Today Show this morning and pranced around like a little fairy. More to the point he said in no uncertain terms that he did not have sex with Mariah Yeater and is not the father of her child as she claims. E! says... "Never met the woman," the... read more

Justin Bieber has pretty weird taste

Mariah Yeater is still standing by her claim that she got pregnant after taking Justin Biebers virginity (when she was 20 and he was 17) in a bathroom after one of his concerts last year, and from the looks of her myspace pictures, if nothing else this definitely looks... read more