Polaroids of Marisa Miller Testing Bikinis for SI

Good news. Marisa Miller has yet to find another job outside of swimsuit modeling. From the looks of these Polaroids, Marisa will be an active participant in creating draft images for SI, ultimately to be airbrushed, scraped, pixelated, nipples extracted, and properly... read more

marissa miller makes baseball way better

The MLB All-Star game will be played tonight, but much more interesting was the celebrity softball game. Because Marissa Miller was in it. And she ran around wearing pants that showed off her amazing body and an ass so rock hard you could use it to open jars. [gallery... read more

marissa miller is up to something

These pictures of Marissa Miller backstage at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show are taken as if she doesn't know she's being watched, but whoever took them has a lot to learn about gathering intel on a human target I mean romancing a lady. She's not naked in any of them.... read more

Michael Jackson was gay

The image of Michael Jackson fondling some little kid is repulsive of course, but is it the worst image ever or just kind of weird and super inappropriate? Yesterday it would have been the worst thing ever, but this morning the Sun had an article describing him licking... read more


These are nothing but behind-the-scenes pictures of a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot, but today is boring because everything is wrapped up in election.  In the banner pic we see Miranda Kerr getting made up while Truman Capote makes some last second changes and my high... read more


This is why everyone hates Maxim magazine.  They have a photoshoot with Marisa Miller this month, and she's the greatest thing ever.  Christmas and sunsets and the laughter of children can all go fuck themselves, Marisa Miller is the winner of the contest.  Yet all Maxim... read more


Heidi Klum says that she plans to borrow an idea from Christina Aguilera and introduce "Naked Sundays" into her relationship with her husband Seal.  The Sun UK says: "You know Christina Aguilera has 'Naked Sundays'?  I might have to copy her and do that.  I'll do 'Seal... read more