Edward Norton is still whining

To recap: Hulk, starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, was generally considered to have failed at the box office, so Marvel pretended like it never happened and made an all new Hulk movie starring Edward Norton. That didn't help, and it only made 5 million more than the first one (worldwide gross - budget = 114 vs 109). Now Marvel is making a movie based on the Avengers, this time with Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner,...read more

Scott Ruffalo is still dead

Remember Scott Ruffalo? He was Mark Ruffalos brother. He worked at a real fancy hair salon in Beverly Hills and was shot in the head in January of 2008. Well if you don't you and the Beverly Hills police department have a lot in common. Because they either don't remember him or they were told he came back to life because its been 19 months and they've yet to arrest anyone or even determine if it was a suicide or...read more


Okay so at first the Beverly Hills PD brought in two suspects for the shooting death of Scott Ruffalo, brother of over-rated actor Mark Ruffalo. They were suspected of homicide, but then they were released after telling the cops Scotts death was really an accidental suicide. They said he shot himself playing Russian Roulette, and the cops bought it. Now, we’re back to that first one, as the Los Angeles County Coroner's...read more


Despite being released by police just two days ago (more on that here), the man and woman who were initially investigated for the shooting death of Scott Ruffalo, the brother ofMark Ruffalo, who is an actor, therefore making thisstory more important, may not be in the clear just yet. TMZ says…We're told when cops arrived at the scene they recovered two loaded guns. Law enforcement also tells us the call they got was to...read more


Late yesterday word started to get around that the only two suspects in the shooting of Scott Ruffalo, brother of actor Mark Ruffalo, would not be charged because they were claiming Scott shot himself during a game of Russian Roulette. And now it looks like the cops bought it. The AP says...Police cleared a woman arrested in the shooting death of actor Mark Ruffalo's younger brother after being shown evidence that the...read more


JAY LENO IS MOVING TO PRIME TIME – In one of the more staggering Hollywood comebacks you'll ever see, Jay Leno has somehow gone from fired to promoted. He’s already been replaced as the Tonight Show host by Conan O’Brian starting next year, but now NBC has announced he will essentially be doing the same show in prime time, at 10:00 pm, 5 nights a week. His salary, rumored to be around 30 million a year, is expected to...read more