Mark Wahlberg Was a Very Busy Teenager

Krisyn Atwood wants to be sure Wahlberg isn't remembered as the movie star who just beat the shit out of Vietnamese immigrants, he's also the guy who dropped n-bombs and threw rocks at fourth grade black girls going to the beach. Sort of like how everybody remembers him from Boogie Nights, but everybody forgets about Planet of the Apes, or tries to. That's not fair to Wahlberg and his body of work. Atwood doesn' more

Mark Wahlberg's Wife In a Bikini

I'd caption this photo, 'Hey, look, gooks on our beach, let's go skin them.' I kid, because Mark Wahlberg once blinded a Vietnamese guy who later forgave him because he saw The Happening and felt he was mildly retarded. None of this takes away from the fact Mark's wife still looks pretty hot after pumping out God knows how many Catholic family children. She was a working model before Mark made her his wife more

Mark Wahlberg Wants To Be a Cop

Mark Wahlberg wants to join the LAPD as a Reserve Officer, a program the LAPD invented so celebrities that fervently support gun control can have the right to carry personal firearms and make sure their bodyguards can do the same. Unfortunately you can't join the LAPD Reserve Officer program when you have a rap sheetfor beating the shit out of minorities. That right is reserved solely for the real police more

Mark Wahlberg Seeks Pardon For Hate Crime

Mark Wahlberg is seeking a formal pardon from the State of Massachusetts for assaulting two Vietnamese guys in the 1980s when he was in his racial assaults experimental phase. Wahlberg hit one dudewith a big stick while yelling "Gook" and "Vietnam Fucking Shit" and sucker punched another dude so bad he was left blind in one eye. Wahlberg claims he wants to be pardoned to set an example for today's youth, who in no more

Marky Mark Is a No Show And Shit Around The Web

Marky Mark Wahlberg decided to not attend the wedding of his brother Donnie to screeching succubus Jenny McCarthy. Maybe he hates her because she is a batshit crazy anti-vaxxer bitchhole or maybe it's just that he likes being the only asshole in the room and doesn't want to share the spotlight. Read all about Marky Mark's feely feelings. (Dlisted) Playmate April Summers has some big 'ol titty balls. (COED) "The more

Entourage Movie May Never Get Made

Fuck no. If there's something that needs to get done right now, it's a movie based off a mediocre TV show that became downright unwatchable in its final few seasons. But Marky Mark says the Entourage movies is on hold because 'them guys are being greedy'. To which I think he's referring to the Entourage actors who want a big payday to make a movie since it's likely going to be their only source of income for the more

Mark Wahlberg Wants Everybody To Lay Off Of That 'Little Bastard' Justin Bieber

Mark Wahlberg recently sat down with the Sun to talk about his new film, 2 Guns, and he was asked his opinion on the recent troubles of pop star and bucket-pisser Justin Bieber, who is also currently being accused of assault. Mark jokingly told Bieber in a British accent, "Be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mum proud, yeah? Stop smoking all that weed, you little bastard" before telling everyone to lay more

Mark Wahlberg is officially in Transformers 4 now

We know of course that earth will be attacked by outer space robots at least one more time, but what we haven't known until today is what human will stand there reacting while a different set of outer space robots, the ones with less growly voices, defend us. But now we do, thanks to Michael Bay and his official blog, though "thanks" really does not seem to be the right word. After an exceptionally more

this is why you have a dressing room Mark Wahlberg

Wee little action star Mark Wahlberg got a spray tan on his hotel balcony in Miami yesterday, then stood there feeling his balls with a typically douchy Mark Wahlberg look on his face. Presumably this was done for the movie he's filming where he plays a bodybuilder (HA!), or perhaps because he's just a fag who does this kind of thing. (image source = bauer griffin)read more

someone please get Mark Wahlberg some pants

Mark Wahlberg stepped out on his hotel balcony in Miami yesterday in his underwear, and thank God. If I had gone the entire day without seeing that I would have just died. (image source = fame/flynet)read more

ok now The Rock is what a bodybuilder looks like

If you know anything at all about bodybuilding, then you know how laugh-out-loud stupid it was for Michael Bay to cast Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder alongside Dwayne Johnson in the movie ‘Pain and Gain'. As you can see in these pictures taken on set today in Miami, he doesn't even know how to cycle right so he doesn't get bloated. He looks absolutely nothing like a real bodybuilder. He looks like an arena more

Mark Wahlbergs wife is disapointing

Mark Wahlberg spent Easter Sunday on Miami Beach with his son and his wife, who has a super wide base and no tits and when she brings her hands up like in the headline picture looks like a T Rex. Paleontologists must be so hard right now. (I really really don't like posting negative stuff about people who aren't celebrities, especially someones wife, but mark wahlberg is a little dick so fuck him. image source more

Mark Wahlberg must work out

The March issue of Vanity Fair has this article about how HGH use and abuse is rampant in Hollywood, mainly with big stars who need to get ripped out. But I digress. The point of this post is these pictures of Mark Wahlberg on the set of 'Pain and Gain' in Miami yesterday. In hindsight I don't know why I even mentioned that thing about the HGH. (image source = fame/flynet)read more

Mark Wahlberg doesnt do his own crunches

Mark Wahlberg plays a bodybuilder in the new movie ‘Pain and Gain', directed by Michael Bay, and hopefully they mean in drag as a female bodybuilder because he is nowhere even remotely close to looking like a real bodybuilder. In fact in some of these scenes he's not even doing his own crunches and has a harness lift him up and down. They could have cast him as 'Seabiscuit' and let Tobey Maguire ride on his back more

there's no limit to what Mark Wahlberg can do

In the wake of Mark Wahlberg letting us know that 9/11 wouldn't have went down like it did if he had been there, some readers on Sherdog created this thread to document all the others times when things wouldn't have went down like they did. Mark Wahlberg would have saved us all! Or at least his kids and the rest of the first class cabin. He really is one of histories greatest heroes when you think about it (as long more