Vili Fualaau’s Daughter Turns 18 And He Wants Out

June 1, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

Mary Kay Letourneau was groundbreaking in being the first blond lady teacher to fuck her severely underaged male student. Or the first cable news and tabloid era lady to do so. Also, get pregnant. It all seems so pedestrian... READ MORE

Mary Kay Letourneau Statutory Rape Gone Good

April 13, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston| 0 Comments

Barbara Walters dredged up Mary Kay Letourneau so she could discuss raping her middle school student who would become her baby daddy. Rape is a bit of a strong word, more delicately rode his pubescent cock to milkshake town. The kid, Vili Fualaau,... READ MORE