Kirstie Alley is the same size as Megan Fox

By brendon June 17, 2011 @ 3:30 PM


Despite all evidence to the contrary, Kirstie Alley claims to have lost 60 pounds while doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and now says she has a 22-inch waist. Just like Megan Fox. That’s Fox on the left in the headline btw, and Alley is on the right, in case you thought you were seeing double.

“My goal dress has a waist that’s 22 inches,” Alley tells Life and Style. “I tried it on, and I can almost zip it up.” She plans to wear the dress on her Italian vacation in a few weeks. “I’ll be my target size by then,” she exclaims.
That means the 60-year-old can soon start sharing clothes with Megan Fox!
“I do have a 22-inch waist,” says Fox (and) it takes a lot of hard work to stay that slim. “I did a lot of Pilates — an immense amount of Pilates.”

This obviously doesn’t even need to be said, but this is Fox at the Long Beach Grand Prix on April 16, and this is Kirstie Alley in New York yesterday. They couldn’t even share the same elevator, much less the same clothes. Kirstie might as well be saying she’s an Olympic champion now.

(image source = splash, pacific coast, flynet)

afternoon headlines

By brendon February 17, 2011 @ 6:24 PM


SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 – will officially be called, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. A title which is just barely better than having no title at all. (mtv)

CRAIG MORGAN – is a country singer, apparently, and he saved two kids from a house that was on fire. “The lady who owned the home came out with a fire extinguisher. I tried to put it out but it didn’t work.” It was then that the lady told Morgan that her children were inside. But at least she saved the fire extinguisher. (fox)

MEGAN FOX – filmed some snowboarding scenes today for Friends with Kids with Jon Hamm. Needless to say she looked great. Which makes sense considering that she was practically named “Mega Fox”.

Megan Fox is in New York

By brendon February 04, 2011 @ 11:34 AM


Megan Fox is in New York today filming Friends with Kids with Jon Hamm, and all that makeup makes her look kind of slutty. Which is to say she looks great. They took a good thing and made it even better. You can say you don’t like Megan Fox if you want but it means you’re a fuckin weirdo. Maybe your best friends over there in your doll house will agree with you.

Megan Fox is in a bikini

By brendon December 20, 2010 @ 8:00 AM


Megan Fox gave her seemingly loveless marriage another shot this weekend when she went to Hawaii with her husband whose name I can never remember, and put on this sexy bikini.

She’s obviously real thin here, which is great, but that means her boobs are now smaller, which is not great. Why does it have to be one or the other! If Sophie’s Choice had been about a guy, instead of choosing which dumb ass kid would live, it would have been about that.

(source = bauer-griffin)

Megan Fox. in yoga pants.

By brendon December 16, 2010 @ 5:31 PM


I don’t know who invented yoga pants, but I feel like I should. And schools and banks should be closed on his birthday to honor this great, great man. And if it’s December 25th, guess what? Hit the bricks, Jesus. Weren’t you actually born in July or something anyway?

Tuesday afternoon headlines

By brendon November 16, 2010 @ 8:13 PM


SALVATORE GIUNTA – was awarded the Medal of Honor today, the first living recipient in almost 40 years. The LA Times has a transcript of the Presidents speech here, and Giunta has a twitter page here (update – maybe just go to the US Army page for now), so if you wanted to say something to an actual hero, that might be a good place. Moving right along…

DEMI LOVATO – hopes to get out of rehab (for cutting) and back home before Thanksgiving. A good test would be to have her carve the turkey, and if she starts crying while going back and forth over one drumstick for five minutes, you know she left too soon. (e!)

RED RIDING HOOD – is a new movie from the director of Twilight, and it’s about exactly what you think it’s about, and here’s the first trailer. My favorite part was when it ended! (apple)

MEGAN FOX – is so pretty she doesn’t need to wear makeup and she can still look fantastic. Here she is running some errands today in Beverly Hills, perhaps to complete the Kim Possible outfit that she started. (flynet)