Megan Rapinoe Ordered to Stand

U.S. Soccer issued a ruling that will insist that players stand during the performance of the National Anthem. To stress the importance of this new measure, the U.S. Soccer Federation didn't attach any penalty to players violating the rule. read more

Megan Rapinoe Takes to the Player's Tribune

There is no doubt the American population has an obsession with professional football. Such is the source of the undue amount of attention to a second string quarterback in the league taking a knee during the National Anthem. He wasn't the first professional athlete to do... read more

Megan Rapinoe Pigeon Holed

The only thing America cares about less than a backup quarterback is soccer. Even the backup quarterback doesn't care about soccer really. Megan Rapinoe has now effectively locked herself into being known as that soccer chick who takes a knee during the National Anthem. read more

Megan Rapinoe Cock Blocked

Human nature requires people to battle incessantly over largely symbolic issue. It's how lower order primates who have no time for inane shit can still feel superior despite evolutionary disadvantages. The 'standing or sitting for the National Anthem' debate is the... read more

USWNT Star Kneels With Kaepernick

"USWNT Star Kneels With Kaepernick." It had more meaning before unlocking the USWNT acronym. Women's soccer. Megan Rapinoe took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner in support of Colin Kaepernick before her Seattle Reign versus Chicago Red Stars match. It's unclear how... read more

ESPN's 2014 Body Issue For All Your Naked Prince Fielder Needs

Call this the parade of women who can kick your ass. I don't know who most of them are, but ESPN got them all to pose in contorted nudity to glorify the female body without showing any female parts. Not exactly classical Greek standards, but it meets the U.S. advertising... read more