Megyn Kelly Has It Rough

Megyn Kelly wore a slightly revealing dress which Queen Elizabeth would have not approved of while covering the Republican National Convention and received a minor amount of backlash on Twitter, mostly from unattractive middle aged cat ladies. This was almost certainly a calculated move on her part.

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Megyn Kelly Faces Justified Criticism

Megyn Kelly's much hyped interview with Donald Trump consisted of her lobbing him a bunch of softballs and laughing at his jokes like a schoolgirl in heat. This is surprising since prior to the interview Kelly was nearly infallible in the eyes of the media, having withered Trump's lowly attacks about her period without crying onstage, as was apparently the more

Period Shaming Is Tampon Shaming With a Twist

Donald Trump is a distasteful narcissist. He's not a retard. Nobody makes period jokes about women on national television. Trump's comment on CNN regarding Megyn Kelly at the Fox News debate, You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever... was immediately picked up by the 75%of GOP who hate Trump, 100% of Democrats, and all lazy journalists who no longer want to work more

Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)

In a recent op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times, Jenny McCarthy made the very interesting claim that she is not and never has been "anti-vaccine," despite her years of being a mouthpiece for the anti-vaccine movement. Instead, she's blaming blogs for misquoting her after all this time, as she wrote that she's always been cool with vaccines, and she just believes that certain kids should have to get less shots. Either way,...

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