Mel Gibson has a cameo in Hangover 2

By brendon October 18, 2010 @ 12:00 PM

Mel Gibson

Back in July, Oksana Grigorieva leaked audio of her boyfriend Mel Gibson ranting like a lunatic on a wide range of topics, including what she needed against her head (a bat) and what he needed against his penis (her tongue).

Many people assumed Gibson would never work in Hollywood again. Many people apparently forgot that Hollywood is run by drug addicted perverts who only care about money. Fox News says…

Mel Gibson is taking a stab at saving his movie career with a comedy role as a tattoo artist in “The Hangover 2.”
“It’s a done deal. Mel will make a cameo as a tattoo artist. Filming is taking place on the Warner Bros. lot, where a Bangkok set has been built, and Mel is expected to film his role in two weeks. Then the production moves to Thailand at the end of October.”

Not bringing him to Bangkok was a wise move. He’s a lunatic with a billion dollars, he would very definitely disappear into the jungle and go all Colonel Kurtz on everyone, and they’d find him 3 years from now eating scorpions and wearing a necklace of female Russian ears.

Jodie Foster is defending Mel Gibson

By brendon September 21, 2010 @ 3:52 PM

Mel Gibson

The best thing you can say about Mel Gibsons lately is that there’s been nothing to say about Mel Gibson lately. Unlike last month, when he spent his days rounding up illegal immigrants and his nights defending white women from roaming packs of black guys with their dongs out.

But things have been quiet lately, and now Jodie Foster, who has been friends with Gibson for almost 20 years, is even speaking up in his defense. The Huffington Post says…

Foster describes Gibson as the “easiest, nicest person I’ve ever worked with… The second I met him, I said, ‘I will love this man for the rest of my life.’”
“When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling. Of course, Mel is an undeniably gifted actor and director, and ‘The Beaver’ is one of his most powerful and moving performances. But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can help him get through this dark moment.”

Of course she also directed that movie she mentioned, ‘the Beaver’, so maybe she’s not doing this simply to be a good friend. Also keep in mind that she’s gay, and God only makes the people that he hates gay. Why are we even listening to this fork-tongued deceiver?

Mel Gibson confronted the paparazzi (w/ video)

By brendon September 16, 2010 @ 2:48 PM

As shocking as it is when a celebrity starts screaming at or gets into a fight with the paparazzi, to me it’s just as shocking that it doesn’t happen a hundred times a day.

As you can see in this video shot Monday, some paparazzi were following Mel Gibson around LA when he pulls over and confronts them. On his way to the car, one of the guys says, “We’re gonna be rich”. Then he locks the door and, perhaps thinking that the vision of a Mel Gibson is based on movement, he says, “Don’t move, don’t move.”

If you only heard audio for this you’d think they were being stalked by a lion, but no, it’s just Mel Gibson with his iphone in the middle of the day on a public street. And then, since he wasn’t doing enough to make them rich, they try as hard as they can to provoke him by asking if he hit Oksana or if he’ll ever work in Hollywood again.

People say that violence is never the answer, but those people have probably had their ass kicked a hundred times because they’re annoying. Violence is a terrific answer. If one grown man yells insults at another grown man, trying to provoke him, fuck that. Puncha puncha.

Wednesday headlines

By brendon September 01, 2010 @ 1:17 PM

CONAN O’BRIEN – has named his new show. He should have just called it ‘the Tonight Show’. NBC would go all apeshit but our court system is so fuked up it would take 10 years to sort everything out, and even then there’s an excellent chance a jury would rule for Conan. Never underestimate the power of shitty thinking. (huff post)

HEIDI MONTAGS SEX TAPE – is not being released, and all negotiations to sell it to Vivid have stopped. Which sucks. I was really looking forward to the 90 seconds I was gonna spend scanning through it before turning it off and watching a real porn. (tmz)

MEL GIBSON – is still really popular. 76 percent of people in a recent poll from Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes said they are just as likely to see one of his movies now as they were before his scandals. He was less popular in a poll from 106 and Park however, where 100 percent of respondents voted for, “Fuck dat. Im’a kick dat mothafuckas teef out.” (cbs)

LINDSAY LOHAN – used to get in trouble because she went to bars every night. Bars like Chateau Marmont. Then she went to rehab for the fifth time. And now she goes to bars every night. Like last night. When she went to Chateau Marmont. This is starting to look like a “Ransom of Red Chief” kind of thing, where UCLA just wanted to get rid of her. (radar)

Mel Gibson crashed his car

By brendon August 16, 2010 @ 3:11 PM

Mel Gibson

Last night, at 8:35 in Malibu, Mel Gibson lost control of his 2008 Maserati and crashed into the rock wall along Malibu Canyon Road. He wasn’t hurt, he was alone and alcohol was not a factor, but Mel won’t tell police why he crashed. And good for him. It would ruin the surprise.

In their statement, the California Highway Patrol wrote…

“For unknown reasons, Mr. Gibson steered his car to the right and struck the rock hillside.  He stopped his car at the scene and was contacted by officers from the West Valley CHP Area.”

The CHP is not implying Gibson crashed his car deliberately, just that they don’t know what happened. A spokesman told TMZ

“Gibson told officers in the field he did not know how the car drifted out of the lane and into the hillside.”  Officers followed up by asking Gibson if he was on a cell phone and he said no. (They) also asked Gibson if he had dozed off “but he did not give a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” Gibson just repeated several times, “I don’t know how the car left the roadway.”

“I guess that’s what I get for buying one of these dago cars,” Gibson thought to himself. “Maybe it mistook a rock for a cannoli and wanted to steal it. Typical.”

thursday morning headlines

By brendon August 12, 2010 @ 10:09 AM


JULRI WATERS – is beautiful, short, Asian, has huge breasts, and parades around naked for Playboy. In other words she’s historys most perfect girl (NSFW pictures here). Easily manipulated, she asked me to mention that she and Julia Morse (direct link to their NSFW Playboy pics here and here) are in Sturgis for the bike rally, and at the Silverado casino today and tomorrow from 1-4 signing stuff. I’m gonna go at 4 when she’s tired and see if she’ll blindly sign a marriage license. (silverado, playboy)

JIMMY KIMMEL - was on his Twitter last night asking about his computer generated “Who To Follow” suggestions. Twitter is kind of a smartass, as it turns out. (twitpic)

OKSANA GRIGORIEVA – is having her home searched for listening devices so no one can secretly record her conversations. “She’s worried either Mel or the media has planted cameras or wiretapping devices.” The balls on this chick. The judge should throw out the case just for this. Then have the bailiff go punch her in the stomach. (tmz)

TWITTER – Follow me today and you’ll receive 10 free internets. (twitter)

SOFIA VERGARA – says Madonna looks like a freak. While not opposed to plastic surgery, she says some women go to far. “That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.” Keep in mind Madonnas arms look like this. She looks like an old tree. (us)