thursday headlines

AFSHAN AZAD - plays Padma in the Harry Potter movies, and hopefully she learned some of those defense spells because her father and brother are in jail today after threatening to kill her. In their defense, her performance was a bit wooden, and those people take shame... read more

mel gibson is on top of the world

Mel Gibson was minding his own business one day, screaming every racist and sexy sexist thing he could think of into his girlfriends voicemail, when suddenly everything went to hell and the next thing you know that little narc is playing the recording for Radar. So now,... read more

monday afternoon headlines

MEL GIBSON - wants his ex girlfriend to produce some evidence to back up her claims, especially the one saying she has dental records proving he knocked out two of her teeth. And I want my ex girlfriend to produce some evidence that she got stationed in Germany. She's... read more

"he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth..."

Mel Gibsons Ruskie ex girlfriend has been quite the little tattle tale lately, starting Friday when she started telling people that she got a restraining order against him 5 days earlier because he was violent and she was in fear for her life. It basically went downhill... read more

his ex says mel gibson is violent

Earlier today Radar reported that Mel Gibson asked the court for a restraining order on his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian model who had his baby just 7 months ago. Now TMZ adds that she actually got one on him first, and when she did it she went right for... read more

mel gibson got a restraining order against his ex

Last year Mel Gibson divorced his wife of 28 years and had a child with a Russian model named Oksana Grigorieva. It was an exciting time for Gibson. Now is an exciting time too, except in more of a "that crazy bitch is gonna kill me" kind of way. Mel Gibson has filed a... read more

heres that porn star mel gibson had an affair with

To recap, Asa Akira is not the porn star from Poland who Mel Gibson allegedly had an affair with, but she's way hotter than the porn star from Poland, and so I have a picture of Asa because I don't appreciate the Polish girl trying to make my website all fug. The real... read more

mel gibson had an affair with a porn star

But not the one in the picture. I can't find a single image or scrap of info on the one Mel allegedly cheated on his Russian girlfriend with. So I stopped trying and put up a picture of Asa Akira instead. She's not only a porn star, she's the best porn star ever. If she... read more

mel gibson feels bad for tiger woods

I'm not technically a detective, in fact I can barely even read, but I think a famous celebrity who was sleeping around and then got divorced might have his own agenda when he acts outraged about a story in the press about a famous celebrity who was sleeping around and... read more

monday afternoon headlines

MEL GIBSON - has a new baby girl. His Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva gave birth Friday afternoon. Luckily she wasn't born one day later, on Halloween, or else like 15 different prophecies in the Torah would have come true.  None of them good. (abc news) JESSICA... read more

this never happened

You may think that Mel Gibson was arrested on July 28, 2006, for DUI, during which he made a bunch of anti-Semitic and sexist comments, but you'd be wrong according to the official court documents. Because today Mel successfully had that arrest expunged from his record,... read more

Mel Gibson "attacked" someone

Radar Online says this morning that Mel Gibson allegedly assaulted a man last night at a club in Hollywood, and now the poor little lamb has filed a battery report with the LAPD. Another way to describe it is that Mel Gibson never touched the guy, maybe never even saw... read more