Melissa Joan Hart's Vacation Inconvenienced by Hurricane Maria

Melissa Joan Hart was attacked on social media and eventually deleted her post on the worst thing that happened because of Hurricane Maria. How is it possible to have so much money in your possession and not pay someone to filter your insensitive stupidity.  read more

Melissa Joan Hart Lost Some Weight

Melissa Joan Hart has become the latest actress to hop on the Nutrisystem train to lose weight and make some extra money, as her new commercial launches on April 21. She also posted a photo to Instagram last night showing off her dramatic weight loss success, and she... read more

Looking Good, Melissa Joan Hart

All of the animated film magic and CGI special effects in the world couldn't save former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart from this shockingly bad makeup malfunction at the premiere of Disney's Frozen at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles last night.... read more

Melissa Joan Hart Turned Down Blow from Paris Hilton

It's a crowded market for celebrity tell-all books. Most shit has already been told by TMZ. Boring house plants like Melissa Joan Hart who absolutely nobody believes has anything interesting to say have to come up with some nuggets to get traction in the press. So... read more

Melissa Joan Hart Gets Ass Kicking On Kickstarter

Melissa Joan Hart is emoting sadness after her Kickstarter campaign to finance a film failed miserably. Melissa was asking for a mere $2 million but only raised $51,605. The film is called Darci's Walk of Shame and if the opening doesn't draw you in, nothing will...... read more

jimmy kimmel needs to do more stuff like this

Things like this clip from last night are proof that most people in the world are essentially stupid. Kimmel is better than Letterman. Opie and Anthony are better than Stern. ‘Always Sunny…' is the best show on TV. All these people should be number 1 and they're not and... read more

Melissa Joan Hart seems nice

Melissa Joan Hart was a celebrity according to wikipedia, and this weeks People magazine confirms it.  She's on the cover, and my sources tell me it's because a horrifying photo (above) led the Sabrina star, 33, to take control.  So she lost 42 LBS!  This comeback is... read more