Melissa Riso In Two Bikinis

Someday, I'd like to become a man who can look beyond identifying Melissa Riso by her distinctive navel tattoo and be able to pick her out of a lineup based on her intelligence or charm or those spectacular tits or other more profound personal characteristics. For now, just the ink. And the fact that she's wearing two bikinis. How pissed would you be to get this girl out of her bikini only to find another bikini? more

Melissa Riso In A Bikini

I read Melissa Riso's bio. She was working in a hair salon when somebody told her she should be a model. I never really believe these stories. I think girls who are really hot want to be models from the time they can recite the alphabet. They may not know what it means exactly yet, but they've felt the thrill of enough compliments on their looks to know they want to make that special feeling the center of more