Michael Bay offers a $50,000 reward, needs google

'Transformers' director Michael Bay offered a $50,000 reward on his website earlier this afternoon, asking for information about the video that's everywhere this week, the one showing some little bitch in a red hooded sweatshirt, cackling with delight as she drowns... read more

most people seem to believe megan fox

When it was announced that Megan Fox had essentially been fired from 'Transformers 3', jealous fat girls and keyboard nerds all had a good laugh. The spaz from superficial even predicted the end of her career. It was a real low point for Megan. He may be awkwardly... read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

'PRINCE OF PERSIA' - and 'the Last Airbender' are being accused of racism because their leads are played by white people. "Are these summer blockbusters racist?", the Huff Post asks. "I sure do hope so," I replied before feeling misled. (huff post) MEGAN FOX - is not... read more

megan fox fired from transformers 3

Last year during the promotional tour for 'Jennifer's Body', Megan Fox said she was miserable working with director Michael Bay on the 'Transformers' movies and then compared him to Hitler. But then both sides said all the right things and everything seemed to blow over.... read more

you'll never guess who directed this commercial

The new Victorias Secret commercial directed by Michael Bay has finally arrived (see it here), and it's very much like a regular Victorias Secret commercial, except more Michael Bay-ey.  Get out your checklist: - Shot of a character very far away, walking toward the... read more


Hard ... to type ... pants getting tighter ... so cool ... outer space robots ... so cool ... SEXY UPDATE - And now finally in various sizes and formats, including High Def QuickTime, here.  (and if anyone cares, the picture that was up before is here) [gallery... read more