Michael Phelps Makes Aquatic Mammal

Michael Phelps has come a long way since being a fall down drunk fucking a transsexual porn star who looked like Curt Hennig. He just had a baby with his wife who is a former Miss California. Odds are high she's too dumb to work the Internet and memorizes flash cards to... read more

Michael Phelps Still a Hero

It's hard to know if all the Michael Phelps embarrassing sex stories are true, partially true, or there's a vast conspiracy of fetish hookers and tranny girls who picked his name out of a hat and decided to make his life miserable. Last November a newly fashioned woman ... read more

Michael Phelps Is Hilarious

Michael Phelps uploaded this holiday photo to his Instagram after scrolling through several images to see which one made his abs look best. Who cares if your friends are out of focus, get the right light on my package and open the shutter. Phelps just got out of booze... read more

Michael Phelps Girlfriend Has a Secret

Taylor Lianne Chandler decided Facebook was the best place to reveal to her boyfriend Michael Phelps that she was born David with a tiny wee wee. Not a boy, but Intersex, forcing journalists this morning to look up the word and figure out how to use it in the... read more

Michael Phelps Arrested For DUI And Shit Around The Web

Swimmer and professional Olympics attender Michael Phelps was arrested for a DUI. He says he's sorry because, you know, he got caught. Unfortunately, he did not get hurt. Read about Michael Phelps' night in jail. (TMZ) Jessica Biel is either preggers or fat. Whatever,... read more

Win McMurry Is Michael Phelps New Girlfriend

She's a golf channel TV host, a model, and an author. Though I'm guessing there's less active energy spent on the latter. She was Michael Phelps date to the ESPYs so naturally everybody is asking about the new hot chick he's banging. Err, about the new hot author he's... read more

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher went to Israel

On Friday I mentioned that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had sort of a sex party thing with Michael Phelps (not the first time Moore and Phelps have been seen together according to the NY Post and the Enquirer), which is just one of many rumors about their alleged open... read more

EXCLUSIVE - Demi Moore cheated with Michael Phelps

"Might have". There was no room for "might have" in the headline, it should have gone between "Demi Moore" and "cheated", but the story is sexier if you ignore that part anyway. What matters is that the girl who Ashton Kutcher cheated with is saying that Ashton and Demi... read more

michael phelps is so screwed

Aren’t we kind of beyond the point where smoking weed is shocking?  Especially for an athlete, damn sure especially for a swimmer.  Anytime you’re in a sport where there are girls on the team, those people are gonna know how to party.  The entire sport is just a thinly... read more


Michael Phelps was heading through LAX yesterday to catch a flight home, when a total stranger, that hot Asian chick with the big tits, started following him around.  Which is annoying because hot Asian chicks with big tits is my thing.  Even though I'm white, Im real... read more


Michael Phelps has been cashing in ever since his coronation as one of the worlds greatest athletes two weeks ago, but his most impressive score may be yet to come.   According to the National Enquirer…Michael was over the moon after hearing a rumor that the one-time... read more


Billy Bushs indomitable spirit brings joy to America's heart, but he may have just made an enemy in Samantha Ronsom.  She’s met him, probably thought she knew him, but nothing would prepare her for what would happen next.  Access Hollywood says...Back in Athens in 2004,... read more