Michael Sam Cruising

Michael Sam hit up some trashy night club in Hollywood which serves overpriced drinks, which is curious since he's never had a job except third string tackling dummy and that time he ballroom danced which I guess pays decent. Sam recently signed a two year deal with the Montreal Allouettes of the Canadian Football League, but he has yet to play in one of their four games this season, possibly because he's sitting next...read more

Michael Sam Taking Names

Michael Sam concludes every public statement by insisting he doesn't believe that he's being discriminated against by the NFL though he has no explanation other than discrimination for why he's not playing in the NFL. People are free to draw their own conclusions, including his, which he wants to make clear is not discrimination, even if that's the only logical conclusion: "Hopefully I'm not being discriminated...read more

Michael Sam Done Done

Michael Sam bombed at the NFL Veteran's Combine.This second go-round was probably his last chance to ever make a teamwhich was half of the bargainwhen he decided to be the first openly gay or straight American athlete to ever insist his sexuality be a part of his conversation. Scouts, agents, General Managers and the homeless dude with a lanyard there for the free Gatorade had various negative comments: "My real...read more

Michael Sam Pats Himself On The Ass

Michael Sam bragged about himself while promoting his 90 minute documentary which will air in place of his NFL career. It will be seen by several ladies destined to be consumed by their own cats on OWN instead of watched by millions on Sundays. Sam is like that obnoxious history professor who sings the praises of Henry IV in grandiose border line flamboyant tones, although he is doing it in regards to himself: "Very...read more

Michael Sam Seems to Be Stewing (VIDEO)

In a stunningly boring and dismissive interview, Michael Sam implied he is not on an NFL team because he is gay. When asked by an interviewer from TMZ Sports who doesn't seem to know anything about sports if coming out had anything to do with his not making it on an NFL team this year, Sam responded: "Ithink I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year ... so I don't think it had to do with talent." It is true...read more

Michael Sam Is On His Ass And Shit Around The Web

Michael Sam was benched from the Cowboys practice squad and people are already saying that it's because he went after hairy man dong in the locker room. Which is silly because he has a full time boyfriend, so he's just thinking about hairy man dong. Read all about Michael Sam's sob story. (TMZ) Maitland Ward might as well be naked in this dress. (Huffington Post) Unpronounceable hottie Bregje Heinen is highly...read more

Gay Michael Sam Released

Gay Michael Samdid not make the final cut for the St. Louis Rams start of the season roster. This could mean an abrupt end to the ESPN investigation into how Sam's teammates were handling his alluring gay penis in the locker room. I don't mean literally handling. Or do I? ESPN 360 that shit. Michael Sam made history on draft day when he kissed his boyfriend with a mouth full of cake on national television to signify...read more

ESPN Digs Deep on Michael Sam's Shower Routine (VIDEO)

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson did a lengthy report on Michael Sam's showering situation from the St Louis Rams training camp. Anderson was discussing how Sam was 'fitting in' and then launched into a Watergate style recap of whether or not Sam had been showering with other players, presumably in order to stare cravenly at their man meat. She provided a few team sources who basically could neither confirm nor deny that...read more