Monday headlines, with Brooke Burke in a bikini

JESSICA ALBA - gave birth to her second child Saturday night, another baby girl, named Haven Garner Warren. There's no word on if Alba is home from the hospital yet, but since she's Mexican she'll probably stop at the mall first to have Havens ears pierced. (facebook) AUSTIN POWERS 4 - is or is not on the way. Hit Fix says the deal is done, Deadline says nothing is official yet. For now, Halloween stores more

Mike Meyers secretly married his girlfriend. Wait, "girl"?

Mike Meyers (seen here doing a cutesy little thing with his leg while kissing an unidentified man. A man who might be considered a "bear" in certain circles, who then mounts Meyers from behind) has been the subject of many gay rumors over the years. Many many many many gay rumors. And with good reason. Meyers and Kal Penn are probably the two biggest stars who are gay (allegedly) but that no one really talks about. In...

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Yesterday the New York Daily News ran a blind item that asked...Which divorced comic superstar is exploring a groovy new real-life persona: that of an openly gay man?And Gawker said the answer was obvious, even though this is the first I’ve ever heard of it.Some of you commenters told us that the guy we were all guessing. Mike Myers, star of the "groovy baby" catchphrase-apalooza Austin Powers films and the current dud...

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