Mike Tyson Unsuccessful At Sneaking In To Chile

The last time I remembered that Chile existed it was because I watching Locked Up Abroad. I try to avoid traveling to places that can have all of their interesting attributes highlighted in less than a half hour on National Geographic. read more

Mike Tyson Likes Mussolini And Shit Around The Web

Former heavyweight champ and permanently concussed Mike Tyson said that he often tries to emulate Benito Mussolini. To be fair, Tyson didn't really know that Mussolini was a vicious tyrant who raped and assaulted his own people. Or maybe he did. Iron Mike + Il Duce =... read more

Mike Tyson Uses Powers For Good

Mike Tyson reportedly halted traffic on a blood and tears slicked freeway from L.A. to Vegas to assist a crashed motorcyclist. Tyson was able to stop speeding eager gamblers simply by craning his neck to reveal the obnoxious Ed Hardy billboard on his face. Tyson calmly... read more

Mike Tyson Still Likes To Get High...A Lot

Mike Tyson admitted to still being a drunk and a drug addict at a press conference on Friday. He was promoting his first fight ticket under his Iron Mike Productions organization when it all of a sudden turned into an AA meeting. Tyson has a history of drug and alcohol... read more

Mike Tyson's Ex Ate His Pet (VIDEO)

We've all dated some crazy bitches, but have you ever had one eat one of your pets? That's what Mike Tyson said happened to him and one of his beloved pigeons. Iron Mike likes raising and racing the disgusting flying rats and has a big aviary full of them in his... read more

The little girl died

So obviously the big news last night was the death of Mike Tysons 4-year-old daughter Exodus.  It's possible I was slightest bit cavalier when the news broke, because I assumed it wasn't that bad since I didn't and still don't get how the hell anyone could accidentally... read more

Morning Headlines

MIKE TYSON -  his 4-year-old daughter is on life support after being found hanging from a treadmill cord.  What a pervert!  (source = us.com) WEEKEND BOX OFFICE -  "Star Trek" came in third, bringing it's three week haul to 191m. "T4" was second with 67m in 5 days, but... read more