Milena Cardoso and Fernanda Uesler Seem Helpful

You can't just let your Brazilian model apartment mate's top fall down on the beach. If her tits fly out of her bikini top, she might just land herself the ideal male suitor before you do. This is like Nam. You don't want to be the one left behind when the chopper goes airborne. You're not helping her re-tie her bikini top, you're securing your virtual vagina around the shaft of a guy with real estate holdings more

Milena Cardoso and Fernanda Uesler In Bikinis

I don't need to hear a girl with an accent ask me twice 'I'm looking for opportunities in America,' before I know she's a Brazilian model hoping to settle down near a body of water not overrun with plastic bottles. People in Brazil will travel thousands of miles just to toss their Fanta soda empties into the slum rivers. It helps to drive up the American environmentalist documentarian tourist trade . If I had more