Miss Colorado Is A Nurse With Nursing Skills (VIDEO)

Miss Colorado made history at the Miss America pageant over the weekend when for her talent portion of the contest she came out dressed in scrubs and made up a story about an Alzheimer patient she cared for in the hospital. Joe. He would frequently call Miss Colorado into his room late at night and quite lucidly ask her to reach up for the gauze on the very top shelf. You sly silver fox. Miss Colorado couldn't...read more

A Kid Was Suspended For Asking Miss America To His Prom (VIDEO)

A Pennsylvania high schooler named Patrick Farves was suspended for three days last week after he defied orders and carried out a plan to ask Miss America Nina Davuluri to his prom during her speech at the school. According to the local paper, Patrick has a reputation for such convoluted stunts and cries for attention, so the Central York High School officials found out it was coming and issued the warning to him in...read more

katie stam is miss america

The Miss America pageant was held Saturday night in Las Vegas. Apparently. This is all news to me, but the winner was 22-year-old Katie Stam from Indiana, and she’s kind of hot. Which is more like it. That’s how they should decide this, instead of giving it to some homely girl with good grades because she makes teddy bears for retarded kids or brings a dog to the elderly so they can pet it. American pride is at stake....read more