Monica Lewinsky Is Anti-Fappening

Like most magazines, Vanity Fair editors are hoping to die before their print editions are formally shut down. There's no gimmick that won't be tried to keep from being flushed. Vanity Fair hired Monica Lewinsky to pen a series of first-woman essays on topics important... read more

Monica Lewinsky Doesn't Like Being the Butt

Monica Lewinsky was offended by a reference to herself while watching Orange Is The New Black. She penned an online summary of her experience in which she bestows heroic status on herself for having the courage to write the article. In the Netflix show, one lazily... read more

Monica Lewinsky Is Finally Speaking

If you're like me, you've been waiting patiently for sixteen years to hear the chubby intern speak. Who could believe the day would arrive when we can finally hear from the doughy minx who blew her boss. I've decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I... read more

Monica Lewinsky Lingerie Up for Auction

The entire Clinton sex scandal could've been bypassed if Clinton had just  nailed a good looking woman. You cigar bang a then 20-something Angelina Jolie or maybe a Cameron Diaz and outside of a few whack jobs, every dude in the world is thinking, yeah, I know, me too.... read more