'Argo' is the best movie of 2012

Rotten Tomatoes has released the list of the best reviewed movies of 2012, and 'Argo' was number 1. Actually 'Argo' was number 26, but the 25 movies in front of it are all documentaries and foreign movies, and that bullshit doesn't count. Critics just say they liked those to trick you into thinking they're smart. I haven't seen any of the documentaries on the list because they're probably depressing. Also, if I wanted...read more

'the Hobbit' is getting mixed reviews

The first three Lord of the Rings movies got a 92, a 96, and a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, because movie critics are idiots. Those movies are fucking awful. They're long, slow, tedious, and have more gay characters than 'Project Runway'. 'The Hobbit' however, is down at around 71 percent so far today, the first day critics are allowed to post their reviews. The issue? The movie is long, slow, tedious, and, because...read more

critics really love 'avatar'

James Camerons 'Avatar' had it's world premiere last night in London, and according to the first reviews (more under the cut), this could be the event that changes movies forever. Or at least the movies about 10-foot talking blue cats in outer space. The Sun says... It's a movie people will look back on in years to come to comment on how it transformed cinema. In Avatar, everything feels real - and it's as if you are...read more