The MPAA Wins, Tits Lose

By Lex June 06, 2014 @ 5:35 PM


A couple weeks ago the MPAA declared the Sin City: A Dame to Kill one sheet featuring Eva Green’s almost right tit was too offensive for the Narnia like imaginary snow globe world they call home. The MPAA issued a fatwah and ordered the artwork confiscated, burned, and then the ashes reconfiscated just so the guy who runs the MPAA’s nephew who has an ash reconfiscation business could get a little work. On top of Harvey Weinstein learning that after seventeen years of vigorous dieting, he has actually put on eleven pounds, it was a bad week for the Weinstein Company. Eva Green herself ranted a bit in Vanity Fair about how Americans can’t stand a little tit but condone violence. Which is true, but as an American I’m obliged to say, shut the fuck up, Eva Green. We don’t need you French taunting us for being the world’s prudes. We still make more babies and have a very respectable 20% rate of herpes infection among our adult population. We’re doing something here in addition to the mindless violence.

The Weinstein Company had some college kid Photoshop out evidence of Eva’s right tit-under-robe from the poster and it was re-submitted to the MPAA in their Hollywood Kremlin towers and approved. Which just goes to show you, big evil bullies with heinous double standards usually win. That’d be both the MPAA and the Weinsteins. Today, the tits lost. Pour some saline out for your homies.

Photo credit: Page Six