Naya Rivera Revels In Stink And Shit Around The Web

By Michael January 14, 2015 @ 12:00 PM


Hot Latina Naya Rivera claims that daily bathing is just White people shit. She told the menopausal bobble heads at The View that “ethnics” like her only bathe every few days.┬áThat seems pretty nasty. If she had said I only shower every few days after anal, that would’ve been nasty and hot.

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Yara Khmidan shows off her topless wonders for your viewing pleasure. (Egotastic)

Justin Bieber takes a pic in a towel to show that he does, in fact, have a penis. (TMZ)

Kristen Stewart shows off her bra in a sheer outfit. (Huffington Post)

Edita Vilkeviciute is all sexy and shit for Juicy Couture. (Drunken Stepfather)

Jessica Lowndes Instagrams her bikini hottness.(Popoholic)

Charlotte McKinney displays her funbags for Guess. (COED)

Underwear Shmunderwear, UNICEF Needs Your Fucking Money

By Lex October 31, 2014 @ 9:35 AM

Naya Rivera Braless Shows Booty In High Slit Dress At UNICEF Masquerade Ball
Naya Rivera knows there are kids in need of some UNICEF somewhere in this world. She doesn’t fool around. Tits, ass, no underwear, now are you feeling generous, you global pillaging American one-percenter? I typically earmark my United Nations contributions toward the legal bills of U.N. representatives who go too far with escorts in New York hotels. Also, to some of their more convoluted anti-Semitic undertakings. But I can spare a little coin for Naya Rivera’s flesh pockets. Kids in famine stricken countries in Africa can’t live off Madonna baby bribe money alone. I just cut a check. Now I’m going to lower my global citizen pants and rub one out to Naya’s boobs. Everybody wins.

Photo Credit: Splash

Naya Rivera Got Married Anyhow

By Lex July 23, 2014 @ 2:13 PM

Naya Rivera In The Summer Issue Of Galore Magazine
Last time we checked in with Naya Rivera, she was denying she had new tits and her fiance Big Sean was bolting because she was trying to install GPS ankle monitoring devices on his rapper cock. I think that’s a compliment in disguise. She had a wedding date of July 19th but nobody to marry, so she hooked up with a struggling actor named Ryan Dorsey she met several years back in Hollywood and married him on the 19th instead. Non-refundable caterer deposits. You’ve got to marry somebody

Dorsey told Cosmo that he loves when women wear “leggings or tights,” and prefers the “Brazilian” grooming style down below. — Ryan Dorsey, deep thoughts

Ryan seems like a winner. He also claims he doesn’t snore and he’s got some sweet abs. I’ve known plenty of people who’ve gotten married with less compelling circumstances. Naya, you keep your bush shaved and your ass in those Lululemons and you could easily make it a solid couple of years.

Photo Credit: Galore

Naya Rivera Looks Good Since She Didn’t Get New Boobs

By Lex June 13, 2014 @ 9:30 AM

Naya Rivera Poses For A Sexy Photo Shoot In The Summer 2014 Issue Of Galore
I’m not sure why actresses still feel the need to lie about getting fake titties. Naya Rivera went through some contortions to explain how the shifting secant patterns in global ocean currents led to her breasts becoming naturally larger. Nobody’s buying it and nobody’s turning off Glee because they’re ashamed of your enhancement surgeries. They’re turning off Glee because they’re men who got deprogrammed at Jesus hates gays camp or they accidentally pressed any other numbers on their remote and found something better to watch. Or because Lea Michele phoned one million Glee fans and told them you’re a jealous fame whore who wished Dead Cory Monteith to hell. I assure you it’s not the bigger tits.

Photo Credit: Galore Magazine

Naya Rivera Not Shitcanned by Lea Michele

By Lex May 07, 2014 @ 5:07 PM

Naya Rivera In A Bikini On Vacation in Mexico
I need to remind myself not to believe everything I read online. Especially the baseless shit I write myself on here. First Kim Kardashian turns out not to be re-re-married yet and now Naya Rivera wasn’t booted from Glee because Lea Michele was jealous of her new big tits. Or for any other reason. Naya’s very own truth telling spoke people confirmed that Naya is still on contract with Glee for next season. Also, that Naya is still signed to Columbia records despite rumors I invented that Lea had her ousted from that as well. In fact, my entire theory that Lea Michele is a jealous vindictive shrill horrible diva is in question. She’s probably an easy going best friend type of girl. She and Naya probably get fro-yo together and giggle about boys they’re seeing who are still alive. If Naya went down to Cabo like Lea Michele did earlier this year and snapped bikini selfies in poses just like Lea did, but with a much more womanly bodym and posted them to Instagram, it’s probably an inside joke the two laugh over at the commissary table on set. The table with the missing knife.

Photo Credit: Naya Rivera/Instagram

Naya Rivera Shitcanned from Glee

By Lex May 01, 2014 @ 12:48 PM

Naya Rivera Looking Chesty At The Glee 100th Episode Celebration
A new pair of fake cans can get you far in this world, unless you’re working on Glee with a demo that could care less about tits. Naya Rivera might have been better served to stand up for animal rights or march for gay marriage or have the pain of Dead Cory Monteith to rise above, because that’s what Lea Michele did and she’s still standing. Despite reported onset feuds between Naya and Lea, publicists around the show are quick to point out the Lea had nothing to do with Naya being terminated, which can only mean that’s it’s largely true. It’s not unusual for one actress to become the queen bitch of any TV show set, but historically it’s always been the naughty looking girl with the biggest tits. Just like in the rest of the world. Hollywood is changing. For the worse.

Photo Credit: Getty, Bongo